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This year we got 190 applications, which is twice more than last year (can you imagine our surprised faces?!). The applications came from 21 different countries, some of them new to RGSoC: Albania, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

With happiness came lots of work selecting the teams who would be best fitting for the program. 19 people with different backgrounds rated the applications for almost two months; it was a real challenge, as there were many really good applications. Two countries did especially great job this year: four teams from Germany and four teams from India made it to our TOP-10! Well done!
Besides that, we were really happy to see that some students who applied last year have submitted applications again and been selected!

RGSoC Teams 2017RGSoC Teams 2017 (Image: Maria Ronacher)

Selecting the teams means also selecting the projects which will participate in the Summer of Code. We are very proud to say that this year we have a very diverse technology stack! Time to think about a RGSoC rebranding! :D

Project technologies 2017Project technologies 2017 (Image: Maria Ronacher)

The saddest part of the selection process is saying ‘no’ to some of the teams. As much as we want more diversity in tech, our budget is not big enough to fund all the teams that apply to RGSoC. We want to encourage all students who haven’t been selected this year to continue their path in programming and Open Source. While RGSoC is a great opportunity to learn and contribute, there are other ways to do it. One of them would be to contribute to the project you chose when applied to RGSoC (or any other project submitted to RGSoC 2017); most mentors would be happy to help you make your first steps in Open Source. That said, please be assured that you are very welcome to apply to RGSoC 2018.

But let’s not make you wait any longer. Here are the 20 teams of RGSoC 2017.

200 OK (Ipshita and Prachi)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: coala

276linesofCode (Shravika and Brihi)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: Tessel

Alexa (Alexandra and Aleksandra)

Location: Moscow, Russia
Project: JoopeA Club

Berlin Diamonds (Kaja and Jen)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: Discourse

Clojurians (Chris and Saskia)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: re-frame

Code Bears (Neta and Rete)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: diaspora*

Code Hoppers (Roselyne and Cynthia)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Project: OpenFarm

Codeaholics (Jona and Xheni)

Location: Tirana, Albania
Project: Nextcloud

IfPairElseUnknown (Sophie and Jenny)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Project: if me - mental health communication app

NK42 (Marie and Ines)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: Foodsaving and Foodsharing

Pivotal London (Kara and Emma)

Location: London, United Kingdom
Project: Babel

RailsGyn (Amanda and Juliana)

Location: Goiânia, Brazil
Project: RGSoC: The Teams App

Serv0101 (Rakhi and Neha)

Location: Bangalore, India
Project: Servo

Team Fusion (Janakshi and Kalpani)

Location: Kegalle, Sri Lanka
Project: OpenDF

Team Impact Devs (Jessica and Vanessa)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Project: WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet with Science

Victorious Secret (Saumya and Katyayani)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: The Processing Foundation

Volunteer Teams

Banshee Bandits (Lillian and Shelby)

Location: New York, United States

Bundledore (Anagha and Amrita)

Location: Kollam, India
Project: AFDC League Management System

Gemini (Ramya and Akarsha)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: Susi AI Server

prodyoGEEKY (Protichi and Nikita)

Location: Delhi, India
Project: OpenLMIS: vaccine and medicine logistics for low- and middle-income countries

We are looking forward to the Summer of Code with these great teams! Stay tuned — you’ll have the possibility to learn more about each team when they introduce themselves on our blog in a few weeks.