Givie is here! Use it to help us fund the last 3 teams!

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We have raised an amazing amount so far but we have so many great applications and every donation counts! We wanted a way to help raise money to get the last 3 teams (or more!) sponsored, so we created

It’s a pretty simple concept: you create a campaign, decide on a fun pledge you would be willing to do if you get enough backers, and BAM! Start spreading the word amongst your friends, family colleagues, anyone really and let them know why this is important. Givie redirects your supporters to the RailsGirls Summer of Code site, and after they have donated, the number of backers on your campaign gets updated.

The idea for Givie came from Duana’s personal campaign last year when she promised to go one month without coffee if she could get 20 people to donate to RailsGirls Summer of Code. For someone whose twitter name is @starkcoffee, this was something people were curious to see. We created Givie so that we we can scale this idea!

Duana sent this tweet out a few weeks ago, and fellow Australians-in-Berlin Marc and Sara answered the call:

Please check it out, create campaigns, and help us fund more women for Summer of Code 2014!

Oh and we’d love to get your feedback! Email us at or tweet @givieapp.

Yours truly, The Givie Team: Duana (@starkcoffee), Marc (@marcgreenstock) and Sara (@sareg0)