About Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code is an award-winning global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. The program welcomes all women and non-binary applicants who want to gain a footing in the world of programming and further expand their knowledge and skills. The focus is on advanced beginners who want to go into programming full-time.

Successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend, from July to September, to work on a worthwhile Open Source project. Working in two-person teams, students are supported by a mentor directly involved with the Open Source project, as well as independent coaches with extensive developer experience.

Help make Open Source a better place for everyone

Rails Girls Summer of Code wants to bring more diversity into Open Source. At the moment, only 11% of Open Source project contributors identify as women or non-binary.

To encourage more diversity, the tech environment needs to be less toxic to women, non-binary people and other minorities. To make sure the program is a safe space for everyone involved, Rails Girls Summer of Code has a Code of Conduct. Adhering to and respecting this Code of Conduct is essential for anyone participating in the program.

Who is behind Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a not-for-profit organization that operates solely on the generous donations of sponsors and individuals from the community.

The scholarship program started in 2013. Since then, Rails Girls Summer of Code has supported 185 students — with a total of 68 sponsored teams and 28 volunteering teams.

Rails Girls Summer of Code is programming language agnostic, and students have contributed to an overall of 67 Open Source projects such as Bundler, Rails, Discourse, Tessel, NextCloud, Processing, Babel, impress.js, Lektor CMS, Hoodie, Speakerinnen, Lotus (now Hanami) and Servo.

Since its inception, Rails Girls Summer of Code has been supported by companies like Travis CI, GitHub, Google, GitLab, Envato, Basecamp, and SoundCloud, to name a few. At the same time, thousands of people have backed this initiative individually.

In 2016, Rails Girls Summer of Code launched the #diversifytech campaign, which you can read more about here.

Ways to get involved

There are plenty of ways for companies and individuals to get involved with and support Rails Girls Summer of Code.

  • Become a student: If you‘re an advanced beginner and identify as female or non-binary, consider applying as a student to further develop your skills and enter the world of coding full-time.
  • Become a Sponsor: You want to support our mission of getting more women and non-binary people working on Open Source projects? Find out about our sponsor packages and perks.
  • Become a Coaching Company: Your company is passionate about Open Source and has space and developer time to spare for a Rails Girls Summer of Code team? Find out how to become a Coaching Company.
  • Become a Project Mentor: You are a core contributor to a great Open Source project and want to give students the opportunity to work on it? Read all about what it means to mentor an RGSoC team.
  • Become a Coach: You are a developer and want to support a team of students? Find all the information about working side-by-side with students on their project.
  • Become a Supervisor: Are you keen on directly supporting 1–2 teams with their organizational and non-coding issues and provide moral support? Check out what it takes to become a supervisor.
  • Become an individual supporter: Be one of the many great people who are making Rails Girls Summer of Code a reality through their individual donations.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding project ideas, coaching, or participating as a student, please email us at contact@rgsoc.org. If you are interested in sponsoring, you can send an email to campaign@rgsoc.org.

  • Social Media: Follow Rails Girls Summer of Code on Twitter and find us on Facebook.
  • Social Coding: You can also find us on GitHub.