Sponsorship Guidelines

We have been able to hold 6 cycles of Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) since the program started in 2013 thanks to the people — both companies and individuals — who fund the scholarship program.

It is incredibly important that sponsors share our values.

We welcome sponsors who want to support minorities in the tech industry and specifically to help more women and non-binary people get into Open Source.

They should believe in our goals to make it easier for underrepresented people to join the community, be visible and speak up. RGSoC and its sponsors aim to create a safe space for women and non-binary people to learn and advance their skills.

What we look for in potential sponsors

The image and track record of a sponsoring company should complement, not conflict with, our values. While we can’t know all the facts about every company, we expect them to be examples of ethical practices and their track record to speak for itself.

If we have any concerns we will discuss them on a case-by-case basis and take action where necessary. If a company is known to not support minorities in tech or has had other issues of discrimination, it is likely not the right fit for Rails Girls Summer of Code. However, if we see companies who, despite having a bad track record, are trying hard to improve and become a good fit, we are very much open to considering them.

We review sponsors using some core principles. Namely, we ask ourselves whether the company:

  • reflects the values of Rails Girls Summer of Code
  • has a strong track record in supporting women and non-binary people in technology
  • has a good track record as a fair employer
  • has a background of supporting other events and/or groups who foster inclusion of women and people identifying as non-binary
  • shows a sincere and sustainable effort in handling and overcoming a situation which conflicts with our values

Occasionally, this can mean we regretfully need to reject a company as a sponsor.

Information on VAT and Tax Deductibility

For sponsors based in Germany:

If you enter Germany into the ‘Country’ field of the donation form, we will show you a field to ask if VAT is a recoverable tax for you. If you answer ‘yes’, we will add the 19% VAT to your contribution.

For sponsors based in other European Union countries:

If you enter an EU country into the ‘Country’ field of the donation form, you will be shown a field for your VAT ID number. If you have one please enter it — otherwise, your contribution will be reduced by 19% VAT, e.g. If you donate $2500, and do NOT enter your VAT number, Rails Girls Summer of Code will only receive $2025 of your donation.

For sponsors based elsewhere:

We don’t really know about tax laws everywhere in the world but according to our tax advisor: “Contributions and payments to Rails Girls Summer of Code are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (for the U.S.) or your local tax authority’s advice.”

Cancellation Policy

If for some unforeseen reason RGSoC cannot go ahead as planned, sponsors will be offered a refund of their donation.

Left-over money

Any money leftover from the campaign will be saved for next year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code. Should there be no RGSoC in the following year, the organization will decide how to best spend any leftover donation money on other non-profit initiatives.