Meet the first seven teams for Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014!

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We’d like to thank everyone who send in an application, the quality of submissions was exceptionally high this year. The selection team had a tough 3 days deciding which teams will spend their summer coding on a number of outstanding Open Source projects. Without further ado, we’d like you to meet the teams:

Utah Kate Newman and Lyz Ellis from Seattle, USA, will code on Diaspora*, at their Coaching Company NIRD. Renee Hendricksen (RailsBridge) will be their primary coach, and Rails Girls veteran Kerri Miller will help out. Fun fact: Lisa Passing and Carolina, took part as a volunteering team in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013, and will now be their mentors. Find the project proposal here.

Paola Garcia and Melissa Torregrosa from Barranquilla, Colombia will be improving accessibility in Rails by adding ARIA support. Laura Garcia Casadiego, Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013 alumni and a Computer Science student, and Roberto Miranda Altamar, lead Ruby on Rails developer and coach of the “New Rosies” team last year, just like Guillermo Iguaran from the Rails Core team, will assist them.

Ute Mayer and Magdalena Frankiewicz will work at the offices of their Coaching Companies Asquera and SponsorPay in Berlin, Germany, coding on Padrino. They will be supported by a great team of coaches: Jan Schulte, Florian Gilcher, Ernesto Miguez, Sebastian Ziebell, and Kacper Bielecki. Bodo Tasche will be their mentor.

Cathy Nangini and Qian Zhou from Helsinki, Finland will work on a port of Liquid Feedback to Grape/Ember. Check out the proposal here. They will be supported by their coaches Miika Pihjala and Mukesh Thakur at their Coaching Company, FlowDock. Oliver Barnes from São Paulo will act as their mentor.

Sarah Haselbauer and Edna Kropp will work on making speakerinnen even more awesome. See here for their project proposal. Maren Heltsche and Anja, Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013 alumni, are their mentors. Both are active at Ruby Monsters who built speakerinnen as a learning project. Chad Fowler, Duncan Davidson, Ryan Levick, Benjamin Mateev, Aditya Yadav, Dennis Schneider, Stefan Schmidt, and Hans Hasselberg will all be there to support them as coaches, over at their Coaching Company 6wunderkinder in Berlin. Duana Stanley, Rails Girls and OpenTechSchool veteran, and coach at last year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code, as well as Erik Michaels-Ober, both from SoundCloud, will help by doing an additional code review.

Marija Radevska and Magdalena Gulicoska from Skopje, Macedonia will be working on SeeMeSpeak, an application that helps you learn sign language, supported by the entire Macedonian Ruby User Group (no kidding!). Dalibor Nasevic will act as both their lead coach and mentor. Check out the project propsal here.

Karolina Kamińska and Magdalena Niedźwiecka from Warsaw, Poland, will work on the Species+ project at their Coaching Company Rebased. Piotr Szotkowski and Tomasz Stachewicz, both frequent Rails Girls coaches, will support them as their coaches. Simao Belchior de Castro (UK) from UNEP WCMC will be their mentor.

We’re looking forward to what will be another fantastic summer no doubt!

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