These wonderful conferences support Rails Girls Summer of Code

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Last year a number of conferences offered (team) tickets to Rails Girls Summer of Code students. A few of them even supported the students with their travel costs and accommodation. We heard great stories from our students how they made new friends, valuable connections, learned heaps and had tons of fun.

This year around again 15 Ruby conference organizers offer tickets to their events. As RedDotRuby and Rulu take place before the official program we decided to raffle out these tickets to our alumni of last year (we will send you an email about this shortly, #youknowwhoyouare).

Rulu June 19-20, Lyon, France 2 tickets

RedDotRubyConf June 26-27, Singapore 2 tickets

And now for the conferences that take place during and after the program (drum roll):

Brighton Ruby Conference 21st July, Brighton, UK 2 tickets

eurucamp August 1-3, Berlin, Germany 2 tickets

Burlington Ruby Conference August 1-3, Burlington, VT 4 tickets

Steel City Ruby August 15-16, Pittsburgh, PA 2 tickets

Madison Ruby Conference August 22-23, Madison, WI 2 tickets

Frozen Rails September 11-12, Helsinki, Finland 2 tickets

Barcelona Ruby Conf September 12-14, Barcelona, Spain 2 tickets

The Strange Loop September 17-19, St. Louis 2 tickets

Ruby DCamp October 10-12, Prince William Forest Park, VA 2 stipends

Rails Israel November 4-5, Tel Aviv, Israel 2 tickets

Arrrrcamp October 2-3, Ghent, Belgium 2 tickets

Polyconf October 30-31, POZnan, Poland 2 tickets

GoTo Conference November 6-7 Berlin, Germany 2 tickets

… and we’re still adding conferences!

Attending a conference is the best way to meet the Ruby community - and for offering free tickets the above conferences desrve a big THANK YOU!

Are you an organizer of a Rails/Ruby related conference and would you like to give our students a similar (unforgettable) experience? Let me know: