Claim a ticket to the conference of your choice (and learn tons)

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As promised, we have a whole new round of great-conferences-you-can-visit-for-free! This time around we have both tickets and scholarships to draw your attention to. We’ve listed what you should do to get either of those in the list below. Good luck!


CSSconf EU (@cssconfeu on Twitter) takes place in Berlin, September 12. We have 2 tickets to give away.

The Strange Loop (@strangeloop_stl on Twitter) takes place September 17-19 in St. Louis. We have 2 tickets to give away.

RubyConf Portugal (@rubyconfpt on Twitter) takes place October 13th - 14th in Braga. We have 3 tickets to give away. RubyConf Portugal will also be organizing a Rails Girls Braga in the days before the conference, which you’d be very welcome to attend and coach at.

Oredev (@oredev on Twitter) takes place November 4-7 in Malmö (Sweden) and we have 2 tickets (a ticket costs around $1500) to give away!

Keep Ruby Weird (@keeprubyweird on Twitter) takes place Friday, October 24th in Austin. They set aside 2 tickets for Rails Girls Summer of Code.

RubyConf Philippines (@RubyConfPH on Twitter) takes place March 27-28, 2015 on Boracay Island and we have 2 tickets to give away.

For all the above conferences we need you to tweet from your team Twitter account or from your personal Twitter account, what conference(s) you would like to attend - mentioning the conference’ Twitter handle and using the #rgsoc hashtag.

The deadline for claiming your conference ticket is Tuesday, September 9th (up until midnight, wherever you are).

Winners will be drawn by raffle at 07:00(GMT+2) on Wednesday, September 10th, and informed shortly thereafter


rejectjs offers one ticket to their wonderful conference, plus covers travel expenses of up to 150€ via their Community Package. Do mention that you are a Rails Girls Summer of Code student!

Both RailsConf Atlanta, taking place April 22-25 (yes, 2015), and RubyConf San Diego, taking place November 17-19 this year still, have an ‘Opportunity Scholarship Program’ in place. We will share application details with you shortly.

What to do at the conference?

First of all, we want you to be amazed and inspired. A conference is one of the best places to learn heaps of stuff and talk to wonderful people.

Additionally, why not amaze the other attendees? We would love for you to share your Summer of Code story and spread the word to even more seasoned programmers about the great opportunities of the Rails Girls. Many conferences have slots for lightning talks. Not sure how to tackle the task? We have just the blog post for you!

And now go, go, GO for those tickets. Good luck!