Winners of 2nd 2014 Conference Raffle

Posted on by Floor

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We have raffled and re-raffled. Here are the winners of the tickets our befriended conferences decided to give away:

Speakerinnen’s Sara (who will also be attending Reject.JS via its Community package) won a ticket to CSSconf EU.

Team Participate’s Cathy and Qian will attend RubyConf Portugal.

Oredev will get a visit from ‘code padawans’ Magdalena and Ute.

And Lyz & Utah from Team Omnia Extares get to go to Keep Ruby Weird.


A big thank you to ALL second round raffle-out conferences:

CSSconf EU, The Strange Loop, RubyConf Portugal, Oredev, Keep Ruby Weird, RubyConf Philippines, and rejectjs