Meet the 2015 Teams of Rails Girls Summer of Code

Posted on by Anika

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It’s finally today! The day we can proudly introduce you to this year’s edition of awesomeness and Open Source coding power. Please meet the official 2015 teams (and yes! we could sponsor 16 (!) teams this year, thanks to this most amazing community we are all part of). Thank you all for making this happen:

Our 2015 sponsored teams are spread all over the globe!

Delta Quadrant (Julia & Maren)

Location: Berlin, Germany Project: diaspora

Tessie (Shelly & Pilar)

Location: Vienna, Austria Project: Hoodie

Fanxhe (Angelina & Estefania)

Location: Colima, Mexico Project: LivingStyleGuide

GirlsCodersWarsaw (Anna & Barbara)

Location: Warsaw, Poland Project: RubyClerks

Binary (Angela & Lina Marcela)

Location: Barranquilla, Colombia Project: RubyGems Adoption Center

Techylite (Esther & Resla)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya Project: Speakerinnen

DEIGirls (Inês & Rosa)

Location: Coimbra, Portugal Project: Lotus

Exercistas (Mixolidia & Sarah)

Location: Seattle, USA Project:

Rubyherzlein (Franziska & Nynne)

Location: Berlin, Germany Project: SoundDrop

Hackrgirls (Anjaly & Nidhiya)

Location: Kochi, India Project: impress.js

Cheesy (Roos & Maud)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Project: RGSoC Teams App

Alpha Ruby (Ariane Paola & Ramya)

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg Project: Official Ruby Documentation Redesign

Cocoa Gems (Emma & Karla Isabel)

Location: San Francisco, USA Project: CocoaPods

Rails Girls Enthusiasts (Sophia & Boryana)

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Project: RubyGameDev

Melbourne (Sarah & Vi)

Location: Melbourne, Australia Project: Discourse Advertising Plugin

The Tremors (Mercy & Nelly)

Location: Nairobi, Kenya Project: RapidFTR

Volunteer teams

Ruby’n’Bugs (Raluca & Thuy)

Location: Berlin, Germany Project: Open Source Event Manager

Alster Hamburgers (Anke & Aya)

Location: Hamburg, Germany Project: LEAP Encryption Access Project

CodeBenders (Jayasi & Megha)

Location: Delhi, India Project: RailsAdmin

Ruby Girls Quito (Claudia & Evelyn)

Location: Quito, Ecuador Project: LEAP Encryption Access Project

Welcome to the summer, everyone! We are so happy to have you on board and are looking forward to a wonderful experience. It was extremely hard to select the teams out of 58 teams that applied, since everybody basically put in a great application. We will publish a blog post about how we selected the teams and what we were looking for this year soon. So stay tuned!

CHEERS to a wonderful summer. We can’t wait for July 1st to come - only 27 sleeps to go!