2015 Kickoff Day

Posted on by Anika

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Happy Rails Girls Summer of Code Kickoff Day, everyone! ♥

Today is the beginning of a three-month adventure we are going on with all 20 teams of this RGSoC 2015! All in all over 130 people - coaches, mentors, supervisors, organizers, helpdesk coaches, designers - are excited to start this journey today. All over the globe there are going to be hangouts and “LET’S DO THIS!!”-outcries and a lot of love through twitter.

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We are collecting all the team’s twitter accounts in a twitter list, so you can follow them there as well.

Timezone fun fact: The first ones to kickoff their Summer (or actually Winter ;) ) of Code were Team Melbourne from Australia (UTC+10) and they have written a wonderful blog post about their first day!

The last ones to start into the day are our Teams from the US, Team Expat from Seattle and Team CocoaGems from San Francisco (UTC-7).

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Another fun fact is that today is also the birthday of Shelly from Team Tessie. What better way to start your Summer of Code with an awesome cake and confetti! We are working on shipping all the confetti gifs we can gather to Austria today (be sure to wish Shelly a happy birthday in our RGSOC Community Slack channel if you are around) - in the meantime, Team GirlsCodersWarsaw are doing great on the cake front and are kicking off their summer with the most delicious looking cake.

screen shot 2015-07-01 at 15 37 17

This is looking to be a wonderful start to a magical three months adventure! Stay tuned for blog posts about the teams, more fun facts and a lot of magic. So, hop on over to our teams app to see all our teams and what they are working on during the summer.

LET’S DO THIS!! Have a happy happy happy summer everyone. Let’s change the future of Open Source together ♥