Conference-raffle time!

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We are three weeks into the program and it’s that time of the summer again for.. Yes, you’ve guessed it: our first conference raffle!

As in the last two years, some pretty wonderful conferences have donated free team tickets for you, dear RGSoC students. Attending conferences is one of our favourite things about the field we work in: we just love the conference vibe, meeting new people (and old friends), and sipping coffee while learning tons about Ruby, web development, and the newest tools out there. We think this is one of the most valuable experiences for newcomers – and we want our students to witness that exhilarating conference vibe, too!

Last year’s RGSoC team CodePadawans at Arrrrcamp (Image: Anika Lindtner)

Our selected conferences

As of now, we have over 30 tickets to give away for 13 conferences located all around the world. We are incredibly grateful to these conferences and their amazing organisers, who put a lot of effort and hard work into making these events happen and into making them accessible to everyone. We’re glad to have them support us in promoting diversity in tech, and they deserve all the love in the world <3

Thank you to:

Potsdam, Germany
31 Jul 15 - 02 Aug 15
2 tickets

Potsdam, Germany
31 Jul 15
2 tickets

Deccan RubyConf
Pune, India
08 Aug 15
4 tickets

Dortmund, Germany
15 Aug 15 - 16 Aug 15
2 tickets

Madison Ruby Conference
Madison, WI, USA
21 Aug 15 - 22 Aug 15
2 tickets

Barcelona Ruby Conf
Barcelona, Spain
01 Sep 15 - 05 Sep 15
2 tickets

Reject JS
Berlin, Germany
24 Sep 15
6 tickets

The Strange Loop
St. Louis, MO, USA
24 Sep 15 - 26 Sep 15
2 tickets

Moscow, Russia
26 Sep 15
2 tickets

Salzburg, Austria
17 Oct 15 - 18 Oct 15
4 tickets

Malmø, Sweden
03 Nov 15 - 06 Nov 15
2 tickets

GoTo Conference
Berlin, Germany
03 Dec 15 - 04 Dec 15
2 tickets

Paris, France
07 Dec 15
2 tickets

We’ll announce the winners of the conference raffle later this week. We are still talking to more conference organisers, so if you don’t get a ticket for this first raffle, don’t worry! We will be doing a second one next month with the remaining conferences. Hooray!

Are you an organizer of a Rails, Ruby, JavaScript or web development-related conference – and would you like to give our students an unforgettable experience and join the list of awesome conferences above? Let’s talk!
Shoot us an email: