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Who we are

Hi, we are the Rubyherzlein Team! We are working out of the SoundCloud office in Berlin, and our summer project is called SoundDrop. Our team consists of Franzi from Hamburg and Nynne from Copenhagen.

Why Rubyherzlein

While deciding on a name, we talked about how the Rails Girls Society is so full of hearts! Its the logo for most events and also quite often used as an emoji within the RGSoC community. As we are beginners, we thought of calling ourselves Rubyherzlein, which in German means ‘little Ruby heart’! <3<3<3

Team Rubyherzlein

Rubyherzlein Team + extended Team: Erik, Duana, Hannes (Image: Rubyherzlein Team)

How we met

We both live in Berlin and have attended multiple RG events, but nonetheless never bumped into one another. We got to know each other via the internet - like real programmers ;) Tweeting and sharing on twitter led to a coffee in a cute café in Berlin-Mitte. We really hit it off - it was like love at first sight! Shortly thereafter we were on track with our application, with much help from our coach, Erik, and mentors, Duana and Tam.

Team Rubyherzlein

Rubyherzlein - on our 1st Day (Image: Rubyherzlein Team)

How we heard of RGSOC

Nynne: I learned about RGSoC through the grapevine. When I started learning to program, the Rails Girls society was one of the first communities I heard about. I immediately knew I wanted the RGSoC experience! I learned about the program last summer, and was first super bummed out that it was way too late to apply. But then I decided to do everything I could to prepare for this years’ application and I’m so happy I made it!
Franzi: I heard about RGSoC the first time on a Rails Girls meetup last winter. Learning about Rails Girls was a big coincidence. During lunch with a friend someone at the other table talked about it. As I had been looking for a community like this for some time, I signed up for the next RG workshop immediately.

Which project we are working on

We work on the SoundDrop Project. It was submitted by Duana, who is now our mentor at Soundcloud. Two years ago another RailsGirls Team worked on it. At that time it was an app which linked QR - Codes to audio files. In the Soundcloud office it was used to have funny little stories linked to coffee machines (marked with an QR Code). We will continue their work and transform the app into a mobile map where places are linked to audio files using geo-tagging! By the end of the summer, you’ll be able to ‘drop’ sound (SoundCloud-hosted audio files) anywhere in a landscape and anyone using the SoundDrop app can find it there when they go to the physical locality. This can be used for creating guided tours (city guides!) and for making audio exhibitions. The app will also be used as a mobile app for Soundcloud employees, who will be encouraged to link their most favorite spot in Berlin to a Soundcloud song.

Our goal for the summer

First and foremost we want to learn as much as possible! We want the SoundDrop app to get to a point where we can invite people to use it, and we want to continue to build our network within this awesome open source community.

Learning to program as a beginner can feel a bit overwhelming at times. The biggest goal is that we actually improve so we handle the workload with ease and are able to grasp even more input. We’d like to evolve to a level where we are comfortable seeking out solutions to problems and are able to clear the roadblocks that are inevitably a part of being a programmer.

Our happiest moment so far

Every morning when we enter the office, get a big glass of orange juice and start the day with Erik’s awesome coaching session! Honestly its hard to single out specific moments. There are so many good ones! So far we are really enjoying the summer, and are super happy to be learning in this incredibly supportive community.

If we could code anything in the world

Franzi: I would build an app which makes people smile.
Nynne: If I could make anything in the would, I’d like to build a huge platform with images and data on all the works of art in all the museums in the world! Yes I know, I’m a huge art history nerd…

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