Introducing Team CodeBenders

Posted on by Jayasi and Megha

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We are Jayasi and Megha, a.k.a. Team CodeBenders. We have started our Summer of Code in Delhi, India with our coaches Kashyp, Bharti and Shobhit, mentor Erik and supervisor Benedikt. We are Computer Science students from IIIT-Delhi. Jayasi graduated this year and is currently working. Megha is now a senior and is excited to start her last year as an undergrad.

Our amazing team! <3 (Image: Team CodeBenders)

Why ‘CodeBenders’? What does the name mean?
The word bender means person/object that bends something. We were going to bend a lot of code this summer, hence the name CodeBenders. According to another meaning of the word ‘bender’, CodeBender also refers to a coding spree. We fell in love with that name as soon as it came up in one of our discussions!

How did you hear about the SoC and why did you apply?
When we heard about the program via Twitter, we loved the concept and how it welcomes beginners to the open source world. In the overwhelming list of projects, we came across some frameworks and gems which we use. The prospect of contributing to one of those projects was absolutely riveting. The team behind RGSoC is magnificent and inspiring. We saw RGSoC as the perfect platform to begin our open source journey.

What are you working on?
We are working on the RailsAdmin project. RailsAdmin is a rails engine which provides a user-friendly interface for managing data. Having used RailsAdmin in a few of our projects and thoroughly going through the code, we have realised the power it provides to easily interact with the application data. After talking to a few people and discussing with our mentor we came up with a list of problems which users face, and we are trying to make valuable additions to the project by solving some of these problems.

What is your happiest moment so far?
Everytime we get something to work, or fix a broken piece of code, it makes our day. Interacting with our coaches and learning from them on a daily basis is turning out to be a great experience.

If you could code anything in the world, what would it be?
-Jayasi: Delhi is so famous for it’s traffic and it takes me an hour and a half to travel back and forth from work. If I could, I’d code to build a teleportation machine. One second you’re at home, and the next you reach anywhere you want to! ^.^ Imagine the amount of time that can be saved, and oh, oh .. I could see Florence, and Belgium and Ireland! Yes, a teleportation machine, definitely! B| Maybe that can even take me to Mars…
-Megha: We know 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, which was first calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought after seven and a half million years of thought. This shocking answer resulted in the construction of an even larger supercomputer, named Earth, which has been tasked to resolve the mystery. I would want my code to solve this mystery! :D