Conference Raffle Results

Posted on by Laura

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Last week, you sent us your conference wishlists via twitter, and the Conference Raffle Fairy Godmothers (Anika, Katrin, Sara and yours truly) sat down to – in true conference raffle fashion – pull out your team names from a jar and assign conferences to teams. This is what it looked like!

laura raffle

(Image: Anika Lindtner)

sara raffle

(Image: Anika Lindtner)

sara katrin raffle

(Image: Anika Lindtner)

But enough suspense – here are the winners of our first conference raffle for the summer:

eurucamp (31 Jul–2 Aug): Alster Hamburgers
OTSConf (15-16 Aug): Cheesy
Madison Ruby (21-22 Aug): Exercistas
Baruco (1-5 Sept): GirlsCodersWarsaw
The StrangeLoop (24-26 Sept): CocoaGems
EuRuKo (17-18 Oct): Delta Quadrant
EuRuKo (17-18 Oct): Alpha Ruby
Øredev (3-6 Nov): Rubyherzlein
GoTo (3-4 Dec): Techylite
dotJS (7 Dec): RGEnthusiasts


It’s now time to get booking your flights and accommodation and to get ready to have the time of your life at these amazing conferences. We have some tips on how to rock that conference plus tips and tricks for those who will be giving lightning talks! We will of course introduce all students to the conference organisers, but should you want to meet some people from the local Rails Girls community, let us know! We’ll try our best to connect you.

And if you ended up empty-handed, worry not! We will have a second raffle in August with more conferences. On this note, we’d like to thank again all of the conferences who offered tickets for our first round conference raffle:

eurucampJRubyConfDeccan RubyConfOTSConfMadison Ruby ConferenceBarcelona Ruby ConfReject JSThe Strange LoopRailsClubEuRuKoØredevGoTo ConferencedotJS