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Hello! We are Angela and Lina from Barranquilla, Colombia. During our summer, we will be working on a Project which is called “Rubygems Adoption Center”. For this project we have an incredible team working with us. Our coaches are Sebastian Sogamoso and Alfonso Mancilla and our mentors Nick Quaranto and Benjamin Fleischer. Our supervisor Ramon Huidobro. They have been very helpful for our growth and progress throughout the project because every day we have feedbacks that help us to complete our tasks in the best way possible.

Team Binary

The amazing people of Team Binary

Why Team Binary?

The name was chosen thinking about the binary system and its importance in the computer science. The system, although, is apparently easy for being composed of only two digits is able to process complex instructions. Even though, we are a trainee team, we are capable of performing complex tasks and move forward with this project.

How did you hear about the SoC and why did you apply for it?

Angela: I started learning Ruby on my own one year ago influenced by a friend who is Rails evangelist. After I started with the basics and learned some Ruby microframeworks I decided to learn Rails. At that time I heard about Rails Girls workshop in my city so I decided to go and learn from them. I got a lot of knowledge and there I met Lina. Whom presently is my partner in this Project. In the workshop, Paola and Melissa, two participants of last SoC, talked about the Rails Girls Summer of Code. The following year I prepared myself and studied hard and this year I took the decision to apply to be part of this wonderful experience.
Lina: My beginnings with Ruby was in the university. I started with Web development. In the class, I could learn the basics and got interested. Then, I decided to participate in the workshop that was organized in my city and a year later I had the opportunity to enroll in the SoC with Angela (whom I met in workhsop). I became interested to participate in SoC because I met and became quite close with a friend who was a participant in 2013 and told me about the program. I took this opportunity as the beginning of a new stage in my professional life and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge. Today I’m happy to be working on this project with an excellent workgroup

What project are you working on?

Our project was born from the need to maintain an updated gem and all those who are forgotten by an owner, unable to continue keeping it. The project is named “Rubygems Adoption Center”. It consists of an application in which an owner that can’t continue maintaining or updating a gem, then he will be able to publish it for adoption and receive applications from people who can take the gem, the owner may accept or decline these requests. It is a project of the Rubygems organization and we are very excited to work on it.

What are you most looking forward for this summer?

Angela: Is hard to say only one goal, this is my first time working on a big and important project, making it exciting and of course, I would like to continue contributing. I want to absorb all the experience of my coaches and mentors, I have learned many new things, I feel very comfortable in this community because all the people I have met here is really friendly, RGSoC is a great family.
Lina: Primarily keep learning. The opportunity to participate in this Project which I have seen always as the beginning of something new and great in my life, so I would like to follow this way, now I’m relying on my team, and later I want to implement projects that allow me to improve my skills and background.

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