Introducing Team Hackrgirls

Posted on by Nidhiya and Anjaly

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Team Hackrgirls

(Image: Team Hackrgirls)

Who are we?

Team Hackrgirls consist of two crazy coders from Cochin, Kerala, India namely –Nidhiya and Anjaly the two engineering students who believe in the awesomeness of “OPEN SOURCE“. Anjaly Elizabeth is a good front end developer and a passionate designer and Nidhiya – a developer who loves to experiment with front end technologies. To an added merit, although we are students we have been working on various commercial projects. Being open source enthusiasts, we actively volunteer for Mozilla. We consider RGSOC as one of our greatest achievement and we have already fallen in love with the amazing experience of learning, experimenting and the ultimate pleasure of fixing the bug ;)

Why Hackrgirls ??

The term Hacking has always excited us and it pumps up adrenaline (dunno why :D). Since we are the girls who loves to code and chill out we thought of naming our team as Hackrgirls – cute and nerdy name indeed right ? ;)

What are you working on ?

We are really excited to take up the impress.js ( a 3D presentation tool) as our RGSOC project with Bartek as its mentor ! :D . First few weeks we tried to digest the code and started playing around. When we started to code, it was more like learning. We really enjoyed what we did daily and the learning experience is beyond explanation. And of course our mentor and coaches guided us well. Currently we work on various demo and the most recent one is a Solar system demonstrated using impress.

What will we do next for the project?

The main challenge is to implement the sub steps and we need to work on the various issues in the current system. By analyzing the user preferences we are trying to modify the tool to make it more creative and useful. Also, the preview models are under consideration.

If we could code anything in the world, what would it be?

If we can end a war/disputes while running lines of codes, we would like to program such an algorithm and use it for the world peace :) . It may seem like an impossible task for any of you, but we would like to make it happen at least in our imaginary world

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Since it’s not summer in our region, we would love to make use of this monsoon to code for our future via RGSOC 2015. We look forward for having more challenging bugs in our codes. Our team is grateful to have Bartek as mentor and we are thankful to have wonderful coaches like Harisankar, Manu and of course can’t miss out our lovely supervisor Katrin :)

The magical equation behind our team is

Rain + Code + RGSOC= Creativity + Fun !!! :D :)