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Hello World

…and hello everyone

Fanxhe Team
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We are Fany and Anye and together with our coaches, Ignacio and Jonathan, our supervisor Katrin, our mentor Nico and the Living Style Guide’s Content and Media Chief, Jen, we are Fanxhe Team and we collaborate with the Living Style Guide’s Ruby gem. We work from Crowd Interactive’s offices,where our coaching company -a software consulting agency that specializes in e-Commerce- have supported us since we decided to participate in this program. Crowd is based in Colima, a small city in the west coast of Mexico which has landscapes from beaches to volcanoes.

Fanxhe Team
Fanxhe Team around the world. By @zazvic




My name is Anyelina and I’m 28 years old. I’m Spanish, but I’ve lived in México for the last three years. I graduated with a degree in Social Work, and am a nature-lover and I also like outdoor sports, and programming.
My name is Estefania and I’m 25 years old. I’m Spanish, but I’ve lived in México for the last four years. I graduated with a degree in Social Work, and I’m a book-lover.I also like animals, dancing, music, and programming.
We met in Mexico three and a half years ago, because both of us were participating in the same student exchange program. Since that moment we became friends and partners. Later, we started working together on a few projects, including programs of social character: for example, to prevent domestic violence.

How did you hear about the SoC and why did you apply?

It was at one of the gatherings organized by us, the girls who attend to the workshops by Codificadas and Women Who Code, because besides learning to code we also know how to have fun. On this occasion our friend Lucy organized a cocktail night with Margaritas at her place; of course Erika and Viviana - part of the organizers - couldn’t miss it. They had an exciting message to share with us.

Fanxhe Team
Codificadas =)

Erika and Viviana work at Crowd Interactive and they had just been informed about the Rails Girls Summer of Code, so taking advantage of being at the gathering they transmitted a heartwarming message, offering us full support of Crowd Interactive for any of us interested. They invited us to their office, an appointment for the next day to talk about the summer of code.

With nothing else to say other than we were two passionate programmers, we were determined to participate since the very moment we received the invitation. It was an opportunity that arrived at the right moment and suited our characteristics.

And why not… the next day we were there, at Crowd Interactive, we decided to tackle this adventure. During the meeting, Esteban Cortes and Victor Velazquez gave us the requisites to apply. And even when the hopes of getting a sit weren’t high because we barely had a weekend to read through the proposed projects list, pick one, make a project plan and fill our application, we both continued with the attitude of striving night and day.

Why ‘Fanxhe’? What does the name mean?

The day that we met to complete our application to participate in the Summer of Code, we hadn’t noticed that we had to pick a name for our team. We hadn’t come up with anything, and suddenly, we asked ourselves, what if we put our names together?

Estefanía + Anyelina = …Estelina

Fanxhe Team

No, we better don’t. “But if what about putting the diminutives of our” names together?

Fany + Anye = “FANXHE”

Fanxhe Team
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So, “Fanxhe”, it’s just the combination of our nicknames.

##What are you working on?

We are working on the open source project, Living Style Guide.

But, what is Living Style Guide?

Living Style Guide, is a ruby gem that generates front-end style guides using markdown, improving the documentation of front-end projects and being of great utility for web development teams.

If you want to know how easy and quick is to generate a style guide read this.

Why did we decide apply for this project?

When we reviewed the proposed projects list and we found the Living Style Guide’s gem, we knew that it was our project. We believed in its potential, it suited our characteristics, knowledge and taste. We knew that this project would allow us to grow as programmers because the tasks that we could work on could make us improve our skills gradually, increasing the complexity every time.

What is our work in the gem?

During these three months, our focus is to improve the usability of the generated style guides, adding small tools that will help the user navigating through the style guide with ease. Our project plan poses a big challenge for us, because every task that we choose involves some effort and a lot of studying, to learn and take advantage of these three months working in the summer of code.

What is your happiest moment so far?

Every day since we started our participation in the program, we have learned something new, we get to do something different and we feel backed by every member of the team, so, each day is a new professional achievement for us, as well as personal and we feel happy for it. The very moment that we got selected to participate in this program was a great joy for both of us, as well as the fact of being able to work with a united team. Like they say:

“A team that has fun together, stays together”

Do you want to see half a day of Fanxhe Team at RGSoC ?

If you could code anything in the world, what would it be?

We can think several things. Have you seen the movie “Transcendence”? With technology they want to make our world a better place. We would love to program something like this… or, have you ever imagined a machine that is capable of mediating conflicts in an objective and impartial way? We would be able to end wars, disputes, fights, misunderstandings, etc. as with neighbors or friends, as between countries or their leaders.

We believe that we can summarize all of our ideas in programming something that has as a result to create a happier world for everybody. Although these ideas might sound crazy — inspired by science fiction films — every day the technology advances demonstrate that, practically, everything is possible.

You can follow our learning process on: