The RGSoC Day Off is back!

Posted on by Laura

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You’ve all been eagerly waiting for it and it’s finally here – the 2015 RGSoC Day-Off!

What’s the RGSoC Day Off?

The Day Off marks the approaching end (sadface) of the summer. We usually organise it towards the end of August and see it as a way for you to turn off your computer for a day and recharge. Working and learning are great, but relaxing is just as important!

How does it work?

Seriously, just take a day off! We encourage all students to do something outdoors if the weather is nice, or something they’ve never tried before.. or to even just spend a whole day not doing anything special but also not thinking about methods or test-driven development! Here are a couple of ideas if you’re feeling adventurous. You’re of course welcome to spend your day off with your team mate, but can also spend it alone, or with friends – or if you feel like it, with your coaches or nearby teams.

Sounds great! When is it?

The Day Off will be on August 27th – it’s a Thursday. Yay, this almost calls for a long weekend!

Will you organise something in Berlin?

Like last year, there will also be a Day Off on August 27th in Berlin, with a boat party organised by two of our sponsors: HitFox and SoundCloud. Just like for the kick-off party, you’re welcome to join us if you’re in the area (or fly over if you really want to) – we just ask that you let us know in advance, because we have limited space on the boat: we wouldn’t want to be crammed like sardines in there ;)

(Image: Buzzfeed)

So go and make the best out of your RGSoC Day Off – and feel free to post pictures or tweet about it using the #rgsocdayoff hashtag! <3