Introducing Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌)

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Hello everybody! We are Team Alpha Ruby, Ariane and Ramya - no team name pun intended ;-).

During Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015, we will be working on the Official Ruby Documentation Redesign

Our team has wonderful support on this journey from our mentor Zachary Scott and our coaches Barbara Barbosa and Stella Miranda. Furthermore Benedikt Deicke provides additional input and help as our team’s supervisor.

Team Alpha Ruby

The amazing members of Team Alpha Ruby - From top left to bottom right:
Ariane, Ramya, Zach, Barbara and Stella (Photo credit: Team Alpha Ruby)

Why ‘Team Alpha Ruby (α ❤ ✌)’? What does the name mean?

It is not easy to come up with a name at first, then suddenly you have an idea and it just sounds right. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is used in formal and natural sciences. Ruby is the programming language that we use for our project.

α ❤ ✌= Alpha loves victories Team Alpha Ruby loves victories and we achieve these with our effort.

The resulting name ‘Alpha Ruby’ emphasizes the value and our goals during Rails Girls Summer of Code: learning and being successful during our journey.

How did you hear about the SoC and why did you apply?

Ramya: I was referred by my friend Ariane, and now we are successfully working as a team. We are two passionate girls, who like to learn new technologies and communicate with people.

Ariane: I had interest to learn Ruby and a friend shared information about this event. Rails Girls Summer of Code for me is about learning and improving my knowledge in programing by contributing to a great Open Source project.

Rails Girls Summer of Code allows to meet like-minded people and is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge. Furthermore the stipend provides a security and allows to concentrate and work full time on the project

What are you working on?

The goal of our project, the Official Ruby Documentation Redesign is to design an attractive and useful template for reading Ruby documentation, made available as the official language reference documentation

Our goal is to become proficient with Ruby during this project, so that we can become contributors to the Ruby documentation.

What is your happiest moment so far?

The were several unique and very special moments: First of all it was wonderful to know that we have been selected. The second moment was when we felt “it is the real deal :-)”: It was our initial kick off call with our entire team and the hangout with our organizers.

It was also such a wonderful and amazing moment to meet up with other teams and event organizers at the Kick Off Barbecue in Berlin.

Recently we noticed that we won the lottery, the jackpot…. (sorry, we are just too amazed here) We were selected in the conference raffle to go to EuRuKo 2015 (European Ruby Conference) in October.

What are you most looking forward for this summer?

The three most important things for us are: Learning everyday, making new friends and having fun. Result: An amazing Rails Girls Summer of Code :-)

Last but not least :-)

It has been very rewarding to learn something new everyday. We are enjoying to discover new technologies and each day is a challenging, but very rewarding. We hope to deliver great product to the Ruby community at the end.

We would like to thank our mentor, coaches, supervisor and the Rails Girls Summer of Code organization for this wonderful experience.