The RGSoC Day Off 2015

Posted on by Sara

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Three months is a long time to go without a break, so we like to schedule a day off mid-program. While it’s not required to take the day off, we highly recommend that participants take it to regroup, relax, and do something other than coding.

As has become the tradition, the Berlin teams got together for the HitFox/SoundCloud Houseboat party, which was a blast! It’s a great opportunity for Berlin-based organizers, mentors, coaches and students to have some offline time together.

Team Alster Hamburgers dedicated themselves to helping others on their day off, by volunteering at a Refugee Centre in Hamburg, sorting clothing donations.

Team DEIGirls did some adventuring in a rope park, through tree canopies.

Sky Garden

Team Tessie enjoyed some delicious looking pancakes

The #rgsoc day off means pancakes just because. @railsgirlssoc

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Team Fanxhe took some time to laze by the pool and enjoy the beautiful Mexican weather.

Whatever each student did, we hope each and every one of them enjoyed taking a breather and being AFK for the day :)

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our 2nd Conference raffle, and some ‘kinda’ secret projects we’ve been undertaking at Orga HQ ;)