Team Delta Quadrant Wrap Up

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Summer of Code was amazing. Not only in terms of what we learned but also in the amount of support we got from our amazing coaches, the diaspora maintainers, our hosting company, our mentor, our supervisor and the whole RGSoC orga team!

What we did this summer:

We started with a plan with all the issues we wanted to work on to improve diaspora. And somehow this plan worked out. Here you get a short summary of how it went:

  • show geo-location on a map !!πŸŽŠπŸ“…
  • use chunking to upload photos πŸ˜–βš‘οΈ
  • create new role: moderator 😊😎
  • export to tumblr πŸ˜†

For our most complex issue, the implementation of a map to show geo-location data we prepared a small screencast to see the results:

5 tips from our side:

  • If you want to get used to test-driven development (TDD) and like playing, try out a TDD approach to implement Conway’s Game of Life through this tutorial. Attention: this tutorial uses the old RSpec Syntax - we translated it to the new one.

  • If you want to get a deeper understanding of git, this tutorial is a great resource. Pull requests are a good discussion base. So open it early and ask for feedback and help if you need some. It is good to name the pull request with WIP in the beginning which stands for Work In Progress.

  • Pair Programming - if you have the possibility to do pair programming do it. Even if it feels a little bit weird in the beginning (no checking of mails or twitter in between, the other person always looks on what you are typing and corrects it) it is a great way to learn from each other and together. We almost paired the whole time, interrupted from pauses for email checking and hours or days of reading and going through tutorials individually.

  • Be a coach yourself - we are so happy to have this very empowering and patient network of coaches. And we try to give something back by also coaching beginners. Two very important effects of this coaching: you suddenly realize how much you have already learned and you even learn better while explaining it to others.

###Our summer in numbers:

Rails Girls Summer of Code - Wrap Up Team Deltaquadrant | Create infographics

To the Future!

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