Team CodeBenders Wrap Up

Posted on by Jayasi and Megha

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We are Jayasi and Megha, a.k.a. Team CodeBenders. We were working on the Rails Admin gem, and were mentored by Erik for the same. Benedikt was supervising our work and we had three awesome coaches - Kashyap, Bharti and Shobhit.

To say that these three months were great would be an understatement. We had so much fun, we learnt a lot, we faltered, made mistakes, and interacted with so many nice and humble people this summer. To be honest, we could have never imagined how warm and welcoming the open source community would be to newbies like us. Not only our coaches, but the whole RGSoC community was super helpful throughout these three months - no question was dismissed as small or trivial, and help was always found on hangouts or on Slack. A very special shout out goes to Kashyap, who took extra efforts to give us Ruby lessons on Google Hangouts even during his busy office schedule.

To give a brief about what we had been up to - the first half of our summer was about creating a demo app for the Rails Admin gem, something which could be linked to the Rails Admin website and could be used by people to play around with. While we were ready with the initial app very soon, we stumbled when the time came to write tests and deploy the app on Heroku. Having no prior experience of the same, it was challenging at first, but we soon got a hang of things and started enjoying the learning bit.

When we moved to contributing to the core gem, we were introduced to the very encouraging and helpful contributors of the Rails Admin gem. They suggested us what to work on, and what we could improve in our code - we could not be more grateful to the awesome people who helped us throughout the summer!

Being a volunteer team, we were only supposed to give 20 hours per week to RGSoC, but hell, we were having so much fun, that we would often find ourselves over stretching our limits and working on the gem just because we got so engrossed in it.

RGSoC has been an amazing experience, something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. It was great interacting with the other teams on Slack and reading their status updates and the cool things that they were doing. It inspired us to do more, and give our very best. Erik has been such a wonderful mentor - he gave us full freedom to work on anything that we liked in the gem, and encouraged us to learn as much as we could in these three months.

Last but not the least, we are so thankful to the core team - for organizing this wonderful summer. You guys are the best, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of something so great. You have given a remarkable beginning to our open source journey.

Signing off,

Team Codebenders