Binary Say Goodbye :(

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It is the end of an incredible summer. We improved our skills so far and attended our first conference, RubyConf Colombia. We are very grateful with the program of Rails Girls Summer of Code.

Team Binary

L-R Alfonso Mancilla, Angela Guette, Laura Garcia (alumni), Lina Torres, Sebastian Sogamoso

At the beginning of this summer we had high expectations about what we might do. We read, did so many tutorials, we investigated and especially, we coded, considering that practice is most important thing when you are learning to code. So we decided to absorb all the necessary knowledge of our supervisor, mentors and coaches and see for ourselves the satisfaction to see our complete project and that’s priceless.

Team Binary

Sarah Mei with Is Your Code Too SOLID?

We can say that this is a new beginning, although three months were not enough now we have more confidence to start new projects and be more active in the open source community. We want to express our gratitude to the program’s organizers, our supervisor Ramon Huidobro, our coaches Sebastian Sogamoso and Alfonso Mancilla, and mentors Nick Quaranto and Benjamin Fleischer, who were always willing to help.

Team Binary

Sandi Metz with Nothing is Something

Last week we attended the RubyConf Colombia, which was amazing! Especially Angela, who lived this experience as an organizer.

Team Binary


The atmosphere in an event like this is indescribable. You’re surrounded by great people, from whom you can learn a lot. All you want is to just hear everything they say and not miss a word. There were four women speakers (Woohoo!!) with very motivational talks.

Team Binary

The people who made possible this conference

This year the conference was held in parallel with the JSConf Colombia at the same place, we also had the opportunity to attend, and were very excited after the last keynote. In it, the organizers made a homage to the women in tech, exalting all the work we have done to make progress in this sector.

Team Binary

Friday Hug!

Finally, we want to thank all the organizers who made these conferences possible, especially RubyConf Co, which is the first time that was realized in Colombia. All speakers were very excited and were saying they definitely would come for a second edition, to which we also look forward!