Thank you Team Alpha Ruby

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Thank You Rails Girls Summer of Code for providing us an opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. Rails Girls Summer of Code allows to meet like-minded people and is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge.

Team AlphaRuby

Goal of Our Project

Ruby is the programming language that we use for our project.
The goal of our project (the Official Ruby Documentation Redesign) is to design an attractive and useful template for reading Ruby documentation, made available as the official language reference documentation:

How we worked for Our Project

First registered online courses, probably you know some of them:
- Codecademy (HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby and RoR, the whole package)
- HTML/CSS/JavaScript
- Ruby on Rails
- CodeSchool (Git and Ruby are some of the free courses)
- 30 Days to learn HTML and CSS
- Perfect Workflow in Sublime
- Coursera


We cannot forget to mention the amazing kick-off with all students and mentors in the first moment of this project.

We had an opportunity to study and explore the Ruby programming language.
We worked daily and also had an opportunity to work using Trello for Activity updates within our Team.
We also had an opportunity to explore and work in Github: Update and contribute source code using Git.

What did we learn from the project?

When we study individually we do not have an opportunity to explore all the concepts. We had an opportunity to learn and write code by following the Software Engineering Process in a real environment with support from our team. We had an opportunity to work for Official Ruby Documentation Redesign, and whenever we had issue during our coding and testing, we were guided by our coaches and mentor. They helped to contribute and explore this Open Source Project, making it an amazing team.

Our heartfelt thanks to our coaches, mentors and supervisors.

The team had positive support for Rails Girls Summer of Code from the beginning and have been understanding; this helped us during difficult times, by guiding us into the right direction.

Thanks to Rails Girls Summer of Code for providing us with such an opportunity to implement new skills, knowledge and experience in the Information Technology and Internet services area.
We consider that it is great to have a project that supports women’s empowerment and provides interesting projects for women to show their potential to work in all the areas.

We learnt to organize our tasks and maintain schedule of activities completed on a daily basis:

Our team was very positive and we will certainly continue to empower women in coding and technology and contributing to Open Source.


Barbara and Stella: Our coaches worked with us throughout the Summer Project and also supported on weekends to fix issues in our project. They have been supporting us and helped us during any issues by providing advice on the project, helping to understand and resolve issues, helping to implement our goals and giving valuable guidance. Learning has been a very important and valuable aspect of this project.


Zachary is a great project maintainer and Ruby core contributor. He was our inspiration and we had an opportunity to work under his guidance. At any point of difficulty in the project, he always provided support and helped us to fix the issues with our project.

Our experience and our learning

We had a wonderful time, learning and coding, that allowed us to explore and gain knowledge in Open Source. We are stepping out with so lots of positive experiences and gained knowledge which help us further to shape our career.

Organizers of Rails Girls Summer of Code have been inspirational: We have no words to express our love for the organizers. They have been supporting us during the most difficult phases of our project and Rails Girls Summer of Code would definitely not be possible without such amazing people: Thank You from Team Alpha Ruby!