Meet our 2016 teams!

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We’ve had so many awesome applications this year, and picking only a few was incredibly tough; we really wish we could have had the money (and the resources) to have them all on board. But let’s not forget how far we’ve come this year already: Thanks to our amazing community and sponsors, we are able to fund not 11, not 12, but FOURTEEN (!!) teams for 2016 — and have an additional 3 take part as volunteer teams. Look at them all on our map:

RGSoC Teams 2016

All of our 2016 teams! (Image: Ana Sofia Pinho)

For the very first time in RGSoC history, we’ve got teams from Egypt, Singapore, the Czech Republic and Brazil — it’s so great to see teams applying from “new countries” every year, and we can only say a huge THANK YOU to you all for spreading the word among your own communities.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: it’s time to announce the teams we’ve chosen to take part in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016! Here they are:

KaUlah (Ula and Katarzyna)

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Project: GitLab Community Edition

RubyCats (Izabela and Kinga)

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Project: Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App

Joda (Dayana and Johanna)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: SoundDrop

Twitches (Taneea and Vrinda)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: OpenFarm

MitPal (Sherri and Anitha)

Location: Atlanta, USA
Project: Open Source Event Manager

RGAU2016 (Kylie and Ramya)

Location: Melbourne, Australia

l1ghtsab3r (Srishti and Soumya)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: VOC

kindr3d (Elvina and Micaela)

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Project: Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics

JaM (Malisa and Jeena)

Location: Portland, USA
Project: Servo

XYZ (Veronika and Daria)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Project: Keystone

Echo (Naggita and Joannah)

Location: Kempala, Uganda
Project: qutebrowser

Rookies (Tehetena and Hyesoo)

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Project: Hoodie

Periféricas (Emma and Geisa)

Location: Salvador, Brazil
Project: Speakerinnen

LoadToCode (Thea and Marie)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp

Volunteer Teams

Fedex++ (Mansi and Sahar)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: PyDSA

Reactives (Tu An and Shwetha)

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Project: Poetic Computation

TeamASU (Nada and Randa)

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Project: Exception Notification

For every team that didn’t make it: please don’t let it discourage you. As much as we love our scholarship program, there are many ways to start contributing to Open Source and our initiative is only one of many. <3
Have an amazing summer — we sure can’t wait for ours to start!