There’s a kick-off party on the horizon…

Posted on by Laura

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Only a couple of days to go until our program kicks off in 16 different locations around the globe. We want all participants to celebrate this day with us on July 8th! In Berlin, for example, we’re planning a low-key kick-off picnic. On July 8th, we encourage you to have a little get-together in your own city with your team; have a picnic, a small party at your coaching company, celebrate with cake, coffee, a tea party or a bbq!

It doesn’t have to be a huge party, and should be an opportunity to bond with your coaches, your team mate, other local teams, and your local community. If you have a coaching company, maybe you can even ask them to cover some of the drinks/food, or to let you use the location after office hours.

Balloons in the sky

Celebrations! (Image: Dimitris Tsakanis / Some rights reserved)

If you want us to connect you to other teams or alumna in your city, let us know — we’d be more than happy to do that. You can also open an issue in our Github summer-of-code issue tracker if you want to make the event public or use that as an RSVP list.

We wish you a wonderful kick-off day on Friday and an amazing kick-off party next week — we can’t wait to see how you celebrated your first full week of RGSoC. All pictures are welcome, and we’d love to see your videos, too.

Let’s tweet under the hashtag #kickoffrgsoc!