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Our thank_you board is almost complete!Our thank_you board is finished! Did you see the new red squares on top? :) (Image: Ana Sofia Pinho)

The countdown to Rails Girls Summer of Code is over! Can you believe it!? July 1st is finally here! For the next 3 months, 40 women from 11 countries will be dedicating their summer — or winter, depending on the hemisphere they live in, — to work on Open Source projects and take their software development skills to another level. This summer is going to be one of the best summers of their lives and you know what? You made this happen!

The mystery unfolds…

As you might recall, a couple of months ago, we created our thank_you board and gave each individual donor a square with their name. We applied the same principle to each sponsor and attributed them a group of cards depending on the sponsorship package. We hope you liked this tiny and heartfelt gesture. <3 As time went by, the board transformed — or shall we say became more diverse — and along the way you might have wondered why we never added a square to the top three rows…

RGSoC board transforms!The RGSoC thank_you board transforming throughout the past few months. (Image: Ana Sofia Pinho)

Until now! Those red squares were saved for our RGSoC 2016 teams: students, coaches, mentors and supervisors. More than anyone else, these teams will be dedicating their time and energy to this project, sharing their knowledge and giving back to the community. So, now that we are onboarding all the teams we can finally add them to our board! Whohoo!

The teams of RGSoC 2016 on the thank_you board.The teams of RGSoC 2016 on the thank_you board. (Image: Ana Sofia Pinho)

It’s time to close our fundraising campaign

As the Summer of Code begins, the fundraising campaign for RGSoC 2016 ends. And just like we did on previous years, we are now opening the fundraising campaign for 2017. This means that if you want to contribute to our program, you can still do it, but all the money we receive from now on will be used on the RGSoC 2017’s edition.

The 1st day of RGSoC 2016 all over the world

RGSoC 2016 teams!The location of the RGSoC 2016 teams all over the world. (Image: Ana Sofia Pinho)

The best part of our day 1 of Summer of Code is that it lasts more than 24 hours! Our first team to kick-off is from Melbourne (Australia) and the last ones are from San Francisco and Portland (USA). This is a 17 hour timezone difference and so far we were able to count 11 timezones! This makes RGSoC a 24-hour-non-stop-coding fun! So here they are, this year’s 20 teams, in case you missed our previous posts. Oh, and if you want to follow them on twitter we made this twitter list.

RGAU2016 (Kylie and Ramya)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Project: exercism.io

Reactives (Tu An and Shwetha)

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Project: Poetic Computation

Twitches (Taneea and Vrinda)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: OpenFarm

l1ghtsab3r (Srishti and Soumya)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: VOC

Fedex++ (Mansi and Sahar)

Location: New Delhi, India
Project: PyDSA

Crackers (Nishtha and Nikita)

Location: Gandhinagar, India
Project: WeCare

Rookies (Tehetena and Hyesoo)

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Project: Hoodie

Ruby’s Secret (Nada and Mayar)

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Project: Exception Notification

Echo (Naggita and Joannah)

Location: Kempala, Uganda
Project: qutebrowser

KaUlah (Ula and Katarzyna)

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Project: GitLab Community Edition

RubyCats (Izabela and Kinga)

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Project: Rails Girls Summer of Code — The Teams App

XYZ (Veronika and Daria)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Project: Keystone

Joda (Dayana and Johanna)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: SoundDrop

LoadToCode (Thea and Marie)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Project: LEAP Encryption Access Project — Webapp

kindr3d (Elvina and Micaela)

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Project: Discourse – Visual Forum Analytics

Periféricas (Emma and Geisa)

Location: Salvador, Brazil
Project: Speakerinnen

MitPal (Sherri and Anitha)

Location: Atlanta, USA
Project: Open Source Event Manager

B’More Stunners (Ashley and Ore)

Location: Baltimore, USA
Project: Bundler

JaM (Malisa and Jeena)

Location: Portland, USA
Project: Servo

Hackbrighters (Patricia and Melissa)

Location: San Francisco, USA
Project: Lektor CMS

Today is the day we have been expecting for so long!

We wish everyone an amazing summer (or winter!!) and to our amazing RGSoC 2016 students, coaches, mentors, supervisors and organizers: Let’s get this Summer of Code started! It’s time to code! 🎉