Pssst...we're finally revealing our secret

Posted on by Nada Ashraf and Mayar Alaa

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Ruby's Secret Team

The dreamer and the realist, Nada & Mayar. This is who we are: two girls with two completely different personalities but somehow we came together and became one team “Ruby’s Secret”; beside our believes in the healing powers of a good bar Chocolate and that there’s nothing Chocolate can’t solve, our passion for code was this thing in common between us and what made us apply in RGSoC in first place and now we’re working hard and trying to do our best to learn and finally to be able to call ourselves Ruby on Rails developers.
Here’s a little intro about each one of us:

Mayar: Hmmm actually I really find it a little bit hard to talk about myself..I’m a very ordinary girl who just wants to find her passion… I believe that happiness and passion go hand in hand… I like reading, a book is my favorite friend. I like coding because I feel that it is a way for solving problems and thus helping people and making them happier.

Nada: I have lots of dreams and most of them are almost impossible or at least really hard; beside coding I love baking, I recently started an online cake business and I hope that one day I’ll have my own bakery.

Our mysterious can of coke

Applying to RGSoC wasn’t a piece of cake to us; we faced lots of challenges. One of the hardest tasks was finding a coach. After hopeless weeks looking for a coach we finally have a meeting, we arrived half an hour earlier before our appointment; Coca-Cola company was launching a campaign, you get a can of Coca-Cola and print on it whatever you like of words, being affected by the secret book especially the law of attraction, Nada decided to buy a can and write on it “haneksab” which means we’ll win. We decided to do everything we can in order to get accepted.

This is what our mysterious can of Coke is all about: The moment our hand touched this magical can, it was like a portkey that transferred us to a place beyond our imagination.