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Hello World!

We are Elvina and Micaela of team kindr3d (<3 Octavia E. Butler). We first met on the Rails Girls Frankfurt event last year and became bffs instantly (over cake and pizza).

Instant BFFS

Instant BFFS

Half a year later we decided to apply for RGSoC so we can move to the same city and code together. We also share similar views and values on the industry, startup culture, diversity and feminism.

Team kindr3d

Elvina and Micaela

Now we are based in Frankfurt and dwell in the office of Namics (unlimited fruit and coffee supply!), where our coaches (Max, Nino and Vincent) happen to be working as well. All of this under caring supervision of Max.

The team

Team kindr3d

This summer we are working on Discourse (under watchful beard of our mentor Robin) and learning to be jacks of all trades (or full-stack developers as they call them on linkedin). By the end of the summer we hope to visualise a bunch of data and have fun. The learning curve for the project is rather steep, but we have faith and help on our side. Before we have fun with svgs and colourful graphs (and charts) we have to figure a lot of stuff out.

Total recall of our summer so far

It has been more than 2 weeks already!!1111 It feels like ages and we’ve learnt so much and so little at the same time. Since we start from the opposite sides of web development (front- vs back-end) we are trying to create a curriculum, that fits everybody’s levels and needs.

how we felt starting the summer

how we felt starting the summer

So we went deeper into Rails. And then started working on Ember.js.

when you learn controllers and models in rails and ember mean different things

when you learn controllers and models in rails and ember mean different things

We inject ourselves with some juicy database and SQL knowledge.

so good

ready to send some queries!!

We also had some deep conversation with our coaches on how software development works, what leadership is and what team works is all about.

All this information was at times overwhelming.

hold on

hold on

Sometimes development is hard. Sometimes you have to wait for virtual box to download (while installing Discourse).

Rebooting is not an option

Rebooting is not an option

Any advice?

  • Keep calm and assertive. Know when to chill and relax.

Cesar knows best

Cesar knows best
  • Fake it till you make it (most of the times).

  • Concerning previous point: Everyone suffers from Imposter Syndrome. Talk it out and you will feel better 👊

  • You are not alone 👽

  • Coffee saves lives ☕

  • Always remember where you parked your bike 🚲

What’s next

  • Learn some data vis theory and what information is the most useful for discourse users

  • Get some fake data and turn it into graphs

  • Structure some great and informative sql requests

  • Render resulting charts/graphs and diagrams and not break the rest of discourse at the same time

  • Get deeper in rails/js/D3

  • Not to get lost and always look on the bright side

  • Not to run out out of maritime metaphors for our logs

Abandon ship!

we are trapped and there is no one to blame but ourselves


We feel very lucky to be part of this great community and contribute to such a meaningful project we also happen to like. To everyone else we wish the best of luck and many happy lunch breaks this summer. You folks are great!

See you again in september, Ahoy!