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Team LoadToCodeLoading (Image: Team Wikimedia Commons)

So at its core the LoadToCode team consists of two components: Thea & Marie. They found each other in Berlin on their way to learn programming. What a lucky coincidence! Now they are one of 20 teams all over the world that are participating in this year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code. Of course, Thea & Marie are not the only components that are needed to make this summer as code- & joyful as possible…

…so the Rails Girls Summer of Code has started!

Say Hello to Berliner Team LoadToCode

Team LoadToCodeBig Team Laugh (Image: Team LoadToCode)

So our Rails Girls Summer of Code has started, we got welcomed by our hosting company SoundCloud and got an introduction to the company + a goodie bag! Day by day, we get treated very well, coffee and food only adds to the good feeling! So on the picture you see glorious & very smart Duana, patient & clever Remy and last but not least encouraging Ruby hero Sergio!

Here we are! LoadToCode = Thea + Marie

Psssst: Here we are, sitting at our desks, looking very serious and trying to understand Rails, Git & LEAP. I mean, this picture is an exception, we normally don’t look that funny.

Component “Marie”: Finishing her Masters in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies and was researching about the user experience of period tracking apps from a social perspective. She became curious for programming after a Rails Girls beginner’s workshop in 2015. She is a fan of digital rights like encrypted communication and dared to dive more into coding. She is more than happy to combine many interests during the RGSoC.

Component “Thea”: She holds a bachelor degree in economic computer science and gained some work experience in that field. However she always wanted to deepen her programming knowledge. She then started to get involved with Ruby/Rails via the RubiesOnDaCloud study group in Summer 2015. Now with the RGSoC she is ready to put more effort in the project “to learn programming”!

Team LoadToCodeTeam Picture of Thea & Marie (Image: Team LoadToCode)

Hippie-Hackathon | What happened so far

So we got invited to a whole week of a hackathon (we call it Hippie-Hackathon), full of LEAP-knowledge, Q&A with Leap-Coders & last but not least socializing via campfires and advanced mime guessing. So how would YOU describe Quantum, SHA 512 or propietary software?

Team LoadToCode (Image: Team LoadToCode)

This does not only look code- & joyful on the photos, it really was. A little campfire is highly recommendable for the teams who are having a winter of code or the teams that live in Germany!

What we learned

  • Overview of LEAP Architecture: Learning about Bitmask, Soledad, Pixelated! It is complex, but not impossible to understand, we recommend to start using these services. They care for your security and privacy!
  • Web Applications with Rails, creating a blog webapp with Rails
  • Git & Github

What comes next:

So in order to get more structure and keep track of our tasks, what we have done and we’re we heading to, we created a Kanban board.

Team LoadToCodeKanban Board: Goals, ongoing tasks and Backlog :) (Image: Team LoadToCode)

At the end of our 3rd week we’re gonna improve our presentational skills and give an overview of the LEAP project to our coaches at SoundCloud. 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes Q&A, so we hope to be prepared enough for the tricky questions.

At the end some dog content! \o/ Here you see our favourite Colleague, adorable mate and patient listener!

Team LoadToCodeCTO of SoundCloud (Images: Team LoadToCode)