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About Us

Hi! We are Soumya Sharma and Srishti Sengupta from New Delhi, India. This is our first time participating in an open source program. We are very excited to be associated with it and working for our project. Our project is VOC and is a part of the PyBeeWare community.

Meet our team

The l1ghtsab3r team!
Image: Team l1ghtsaber

This is our complete team above:

Natalie Volk is our supervisor.

Russell Keith-Magee is our mentor.

Our coaches are: Chiang Fong Lee, Anuvrat Parashar, Manish Goregaokar, Sambhav Satija and Naman Gupta.

Image: Team l1ghtsaber

Soumya: I am a final year student at IIIT-Delhi who absolutely loves Star Wars! I love working in the tech industry and especially spending my weekends at hackathons learning new technology and making innovative things. I have varied interests which include curling up with a book and going on exciting hikes.

Image: Team l1ghtsaber

Srishti: I am 21, currently residing in New Delhi, India and am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from IIIT-Delhi. I loved to tinker around with computers since childhood, and have always wanted to work in the field of computer sciences in the future as well. This very thought has fueled my desire to become a computer science engineer and use my knowledge to make a change. Other than programming, I have several hobbies which include playing the piano, graphic designing, and reading books. I am a trained western solo pianist and have completed till Grade 5 of the solo piano course offered by Trinity College, London. I started learning piano in 2003 and have been addicted to it ever since.

Soumya and Srishti
Image: Team l1ghtsaber

We (Soumya and Srishti) have known each other since the last three years and have done several course projects together in our institute. We’ve been roomies for a long time now and are BFFs! <3

More about our project

VOC is a transpiler that converts Python bytecode into Java bytecode. In this, a .py file will be converted in a .class file that can be executed in a Java Virtual Machine. This is useful for writing Android applications or writing web applications for situations where JavaEE is the only available deployment platform. The documentation for this project can be found here:

What have we achieved so far?

The first few days were spent in understanding the vast code base. RGSoC kickoff started with a call with our mentor, our supervisor and all our coaches. We had an amazing time talking to them. It was highly enriching and all of us got to know more about the project we’ll be working on (i.e. pybee/VOC). We started with working on setting up the test suite. Slowly, we progressed onto working on some datatypes, looking at their inbuilt methods. We worked on the float, bool, string datatypes. By the end of these two weeks, we had 2 PRs submitted and merged! :D

What we plan on doing ahead?

This time, for us has been about getting into the groove for coding, getting to know the codebase, becoming familiar with the internal datatype objects. For the next few weeks, we plan to write tests for those datatypes which don’t have tests written for them yet. Since this is a new thing for us, we are taking the help of our mentor and coaches for the same. Apart from this, we are trying to finish writing the code for as many datatypes as we can each week.

Signing Off

Team l1ghtsab3r