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Posted on by Melissa Fabros and Patricia Arbona

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GitHub Universe FlagPhoto taken by Patricia Arbona

And so Day One of Github Universe begins!

Github’s CEO Chris Wanstrath, also known as defunkt, commenced Github Universe by unveiling exciting, new features. Some of these new features included a refreshed redesign of Github’s profiles, unveiling the GraphQL API, and the project management tool Github Projects.

Octocat on Warehouse in DogpatchPhoto taken by Patricia Arbona

Github Universe was located in a warehouse district near San Francisco’s Pier 70. On top of this warehouse was a giant Octocat!

In the main entrance of the conference, a majestic balloon Octocat strikes your eye.

We had came across Githubber Nikka Padilla. Posing with Nikka in front of Balloon OctocatPhoto taken by Elom Gomez

All throughout Github Universe, our team periodically kept running into friends, colleagues, and mentors.

Patrica Arbona and Emma KoszinowskiPhoto taken by Rebekkah Murphy

In front of the Git Kraken, Patricia met Emma Koszinowski, one-half of San Francisco’s Rails Girls Summer of Code team from 2015…

…to later find the second-half of San Francisco’s RGSoC 2015 team, Karla Sandoval.

Karla and groupPhoto taken by David Sommers

As fellows currently going through the program now, it was valuable to hear about Karla’s and Emma’s challenges and successes with their Rails Girls project.

Open Source talkPhoto taken by Quinn Murphy

Our team attended the informative Open Source panel Pains and Gains: Five Short Stories, facilitated by Katrina Owen. Each panelist illuminated upon a particular challenge they faced in Open Source, and what strategies they employed to go about solving their unique challenges. After the panel, our team was fortunate enough to speak with two Rails Girls Summer of Code Project Maintainers, Katrina Owen, author of exercism.io and Gregor Martynus, Chief Dream Officer of Hoodie. Both Project Maintainers were welcoming, approachable, and humble in regards to their amazing accomplishments.

At the Heroku booth, our team was thrilled to meet up with an previous programming instructor, Cynthia Dueltgen. Cynthia is currently having a fantastic experience as a Customer Solutions Architect at Heroku. Our team thanked her for giving us foundational software development skills. Her patience teaching us difficult programming concepts was pivotal in our growth as software developers. Cynthia was ecstatic to hear about our experiences in the world of Open Source! Hanging out with Cynthia at HerokuPhoto taken by Rebekkah Murphy

We ended a jam-packed day with a Big-Bang Benefit Concert, with proceeds going to Black Girls Who Code. Common’s lyrics and rhymes were powerful! Common has an amazing stage-presence. His lyrics were very politically-aware. Common rapping 2Photo taken by Patricia Arbona

On Day Two of Github Universe

Team Hackbrighters came across Amanda Gelender, Senior Manager of Github’s Social Impact team. Amanda made it possible for our team to be hosted by Github for the duration of our fellowship. We are extremely grateful for Amanda and the Social Impact team’s time and generosity. Thank you for supporting women in Open Source!

Amanda GellerPhoto taken by Rebekkah Murphy

At lunch, our team met former GitHubbers Brandon Ferguson and Rachel Meyers. Brandon currently works at Travis CI, and Rachel was a Rails Girls Coach in 2015 and is founder of Opsolutely.com. Both imparted to us thoughtful advice in terms of how to grow professionally as a software developer.

Brandon and RachelPhoto taken by Lynn Wallenstein

Our team attended an interesting Electron talk Making Electron Development Simpler, More Pleasant, and More Productive by Slack Desktop Engineer, Machisté Quintana.

Electron talkPhoto taken by Patricia Arbona

Machisté highlighted throughout his talk how there exist unique challenges when working with Electron, a cross-platform framework for desktop apps.

We also came across Travis CI foundation’s booth. Here we spoke with Konstantin Haas, Mathias Meyer, and Josh Kalderimis co-founders of Travis CI. Past and current Rails Girls fellows thanked the Travis foundation for creating and funding our fellowship. After intimately configuring and debugging Travis CI on Lektor, our team gave input as to how to improve the continuous integration system.

Travis CI foundation with current and past RGSoC alumna Photo taken by Rebekkah Murphy

Thank you Travis foundation for supporting past, current, and future women in Open Source.