KaUlah Team says Goodbye

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Rails Girls Summer of Code is over. It was very intensive, with ups and downs time, but thanks to our whole team it was also very successful. For the all summer we were working on GitLab Community Edition which provides Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis. We would like to share our experience gained during RGSoC project, what have we learnt, what have we done. This is a short summary of our summer.

What have we learnt

  • Contribute to Open Source Project.
  • Working with Git, which looks quite different in project with 1000 contributors than a project which has only one contributor.
  • About remote work - organizing time, scheduling tasks, self discipline.
  • How to write clean code in Ruby, code refactoring, new methods, new approach.
  • Rspec - tests, tests and more tests, which gave you more confidence and are very important because allow you to achieve better understanding of what you do.

What have we done

During these three months we have opened 21 merge request, 17 was merged and opened one Issue. We were doing frontend and backend Issues. From creating tabs, editing views, updating gems to more complicated tasks like editing functionality of merge request or writing an API. Full list of our Merge Requests that we have written and in other ways we have contributed to during GitLab project you can find below:

GitLab dashboard

GitLab dashboard Our merge requests opened, closed, merged during three months. (Source: gitlab.com)

We couldn’t have make it without a lot of amazing people, it was inspiring to see how they work and we hopefully someday we can help to others, same as they did. Many thanks goes to:

Coaches: Grzegorz, Piotr, Tomasz and Tomasz for all your patience, support and knowledge when we stuck in code.

Mentor: Yorick, who let us to work in different kinds of issues, who was coaching us and helping on daily basis.

GitLab team: Remy, Douwee, Annabel, Phil, Faith, Kamil, Zj and others for your advices, code reviews, spelling checks and many more.

Codemotion Warsaw With our coaches from GitLab. (Source: KaUlah)

Also we would like to thanks to our supervisor Lucas, who always remembered about organizing things and RGSoC Organizers and Sponsors for selecting us and making this summer possible.


On 15th - 16th September we attend the Codemotion Warsaw 2016 Conference. This was a special event for us, not only because of talks but also we meet our remote coaches from GitLab and talk with RubyCats Team and people from Rebased. For a warm-up we’ve listen to keynote hosted by James Weaver “Navigating all the knowledge”, where we saw how to use programming to find connections between people, things, etc. Conference programme included wide range of interests like TDD techniques, Internet of Things, Machine learning, Agile manifesto, JS, Regex, Continous Integration, Communication and so on. Thanks to RGSoC we spent ispiring time.

Conference Codemotion Warsaw Source: KaUlah

What are our plans

Ula: I’ve left my job before starting the Summer of Code, so now I’am looking for a new one, or an internship. I hope after RGSoC it will be easier to change my career path.

Kasia: I’ve got an job offer as a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer what is great especially that two years ago I didn’t even known what is Ruby. I know that without RGSoC and contributing to GitLab CE it wouldn’t be possible.