After RGSoC is Before RGSoC

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Last week, teams around the world celebrated their very last day of RGSoC 2016. While we were all sad to see the Summer of Code end, we also know that for most of us this isn’t an end — it’s a new beginning! But before diving into the future, let’s take a look at what happened in the past three months…

Some stats about the summer

We foster an environment of learning during our program, which is why we don’t compare teams with each other. Every team is different, and because of the different types of projects all work on, their summer will lead to bigger or smaller code contributions. But since we do love statistics of all kind, we kept track of some numbers for everybody’s enjoyment. Here they are:

RGSoC 2016 Stats Look at all the things that happened! (Image: Laura Gaetano)

We’re changing lives thanks to you

This year has been an amazing one — and after receiving a Ruby Award from the community last May, we are realising just how many lives have changed through Rails Girls Summer of Code. This change would not be possible if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much to all of you—to every single person who was involved in making this summer unforgettable for 20 participating teams. We are so grateful to all the sponsors who supported our students financially — a special thank you goes to our partners Travis CI and GitHub, our platinum sponsor Google Open Source and our gold sponsors: GitLab, Basecamp, Malwarebytes, Honeybadger, Compose and Mozilla. A giant thank you also to the individuals who donated what they could to support our program, to the coaching companies who hosted our teams this summer, the coaches and mentors who gave their time and expertise to help our participants daily, the supervisors who helped keep all the students focused on their goals, the conferences that donated tickets for our teams, and the trust committee for offering an ear to anyone who needed help. Last but not least, an enormous thank you to all the volunteers who make RGSoC happen every year. It’s a gigantic team effort, and we rely on so many amazing people for their design skills, development powers, organisational abilities, and communication know-how. So to Ana, Anika, Carsten, Emi, Ines, Katrin, Lieke, Linda, Lucas, Maria, Markus, Max, Natti, Ramon, Vaishali: Thank you for being there, and for making this program run as smoothly as it could have run. You’re the best! <3

The very last day of RGSoC in twitter moments

To finish it all off, we’ve collected all of the tweets about the celebrations around the world, thanks to Twitter Moments. Look at these many happy faces!

Excerpt from Twitter Moment: celebration at SoundCloud End-of-Summer celebration at SoundCloud (Image: Anika Lindtner)

What’s next?

After the summer is before the summer! In October, we will tie all loose ends and, believe it or not, start working on the 2017 edition of RGSoC. We’re getting most of the team together in Portugal, after RubyConfPT, to talk about our future plans: improving the program to make the experience for every one even better next year. If you happen to be around in Braga on October 27–28, come say hi! We’d love to chat. We’ll also be looking for volunteers, organisers, and anyone who wants to lend a hand. If this is something that interests you, drop us a line.

Have a wonderful autumn, and see you next year!