Team Reactives Commencement

Posted on by Huynh Van Tu An & Shwetha Ravi

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Team ReactivesTeam Reactives with Sonic Pi Mentor - Joseph Wilk, supervisor - Ana, coaches - Arrchana, Vanchi & Stewart! (Image Credits: Our awesome supevisor: Ana)

It’s just the beginning

Our Participation in the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016 started our contribution to the open source. Three months has passed, but the impact and community of this year program will last long into our future.

Our project has ended with a functional application that supplements the usage of the Sonic Pi software for visually impaired users. After the first test with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, we have gathered quite detailed feedback and will continue to re-iterate and improve our software for future tests. This is indeed the start of our new collaboration with a beneficiaries in this co-creation process.

What’s our plan?

Besides improving our project, we look forward to widening our technical skills and open source involvement during this year Hacktoberfest and completing our university study. For Tu An, she hopes to actively apply and hone skills after RGSoC in her internship in front-end web development. Shwetha will continue to explore hardware and software engineering fields in NUS before embarking on a year-long internship of the NUS Overseas College Program.

Our last words

We can’t express enough gratitude towards our amazing mentor, coaches and supervisor throughout this program. We learned technical skills, project management and inter-personal communication, made new friends and honed our character. The lessons about appreciation of one another, timely and transparent communication will remain our key takeaways regardless of our career in the future.

We really hope that RGSoC and other similar programs will multiply and widen their impact all over the world. Inspirational women and supportive men from these initiatives will continue to advocate for more inclusive and fair education and job opportunities in tech industries.