Perifericas at conferences!

Posted on by Emma Pinheiro and Geisa Santos

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Can’t believe RGSoC is done. We’ve experienced three incredible months!

During Rails Girls Summer of Code we had the chance to participate in three events. And that’s what we want to share with you in this post.

Some conferences only me (Geisa) could attend, so you might see comments in first person. >^.^<

Perifericas at I SECOMTEC 2016

We’ve been invited to give a talk about Rails Girls Summer of Code and our experience in the tech community at the first edition of SECOMTEC. This was also the first time Emma gave a talk, as a girl, for an audience. Super cool!

There’s a recorded video in portuguese, which, unfortunately, is not complete. You can check the slides from the talk at this link, but it’s in Portuguese too.

Team PerifericasEmma so happy at the final of our talk. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Our coach X was there too, talking about Assembly and reverse engineering. I mediate a panel with professionals women from Engineering and Tech. It was really great to hear about their experiences and point of views.

Team PerifericasCoach X talking about Assembly. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasGeisa and Emma before the talk started. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasTeam Perifericas at I SECOMTEC! (Image Credits: SECOMTEC organizers)

Perifericas at Jusbrasil Tech Day

On the 2nd of September, I was at Jusbrasil Tech Day, a comemorative event for the 5 years of Jusbrasil - one of the most promising companies in Bahia and the one of the most accessible legal portals in Brazil.

They support the local Tech community. The first edition of Rails Girls Salvador was held there. It was an opportunity to meet my friends and learn about Docker, Continuous Delivery, project management and others topics, so it was really great.

Team PerifericasRafael Gomes, Docker Captain BR. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasRafael Miranda from HE:Labs, another company that supports Rails Girls Salvador. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Perifericas at RubyConf Brazil

Oh, how I loved to be there!
So many great talks, so many friends, so many new people I got to meet. My first RubyConf Brazil. Yay!

Team PerifericasGeisa representing Team Perifericas at RubyConf BR! (Image Credits: Marla Dore)

I was able to watch international talks with President Beef from Breakman (that coach Brena indicated) and Akira Matsuda about Ruby international community. There are so many tips and tools that I want to share with Speakerinnen’s team and use in future projects.

Team PerifericasJustin Collins aka President Beef. Definitely will use Breakman on my next projects. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasThree simultaneous talks on the first floor and two more options upstairs! It was hard to pick one. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasAkira Matsuda talking about Ruby and community. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team PerifericasFábio Akita farewell from RubyConfBr organization. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Team Perifericas#RGSoC was heeereee!. (Image Credits: Geisa Santos)

Did I mention 3 conferences?
Well, there’s one more! Like a bonus. :)

Perifericas at VI EnSI

The last conference we’ve attended was EnSI, a conference about Security. At EnSI we attended some talks about privacy and data, shared point of views with other professionals about how to prevent attacks. It’s a topic that really gets our attention, everyday.

Team PerifericasTeam Perifericas talking with Andressa, a Computer Science student at UFBA and participant of Rails Girls Salvador last year! (Image Credits: Edely Gomes)

And now we’ve been back to our activities as community leaders, so there are more conferences coming.

We learned a lot and the opportunity to engage more with the community was really important to us.

Thanks to all organizers! It’s has been a pleasure to talk about RGSoC and meet more professionals in brazilian tech community.