Emotional goodbye from RubyCats

Posted on by Kinga Kalinowska-Materniak and Izabela Komorek

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RubyCats goodbyeGoodbye from RubyCats
(Image Credit: Izabela Komorek @izuroxx)

It has been an amazing journey!

We are still shocked how emotional and draining the whole experience was. But mostly it was a dream come true.

We haven’t accomplished what we set out to do. But we are happy of the things we did and what we’ve learned.

We don’t know what the future will bring. We will try our best to learn more and hope for the best. We will continue our path, even if it’s rocky.

Few words from each of us:

Iza: The end of RGSoC was very hard for me. RGSoC was a time I felt I was living the life the way I want to live it. Now I’m trying to pick myself up and collect the pieces of my life’s puzzle. Not sure what the picture looks like, but I’m determined to put the pieces together.

Kinga: The end of RGSoC was like waking up from a beautiful dream into life as usual. I’d like this dream to last forever.

It’s like in Fort Minor song Where did you go:

Where’d you go? I miss you so, Seems like it’s been forever, That you’ve been gone. Please come back home…

I hope I’ll become a professional developer one day (soon!) and then this dream will be back. For now I got back to teaching kids about programming, which I really like. But without being a programmer I won’t be fulfilled.

And now like in a song Oxalá by my beloved Madredeus:

Oxalá meu futuro aconteça (I hope my future will happen)

I still have a lot to learn and do. Mission not accomplished and not aborted. Mission in progress. Some Teams App code still needs to be completed / included into a PR.

RGSoC where did you go?Where did you go RGSoC?
(Image Credit: Kinga Kalinowska-Materniak @Kalinowska_K)

RGSoC is overRGSoC is over
(Image Credit: Kinga Kalinowska-Materniak @Kalinowska_K)


We would like to thank our Coaches, Supervisor and Mentors for giving us so much. Giving us their precious time and hearts, words of comfort and wisdom, sometimes sharing some of their strength in moments of weakness. They gave us emotional support, tools and knowledge that is priceless. They are the real Heroes and we shall name them all:

Coaches: Monika Burdzy, Basia Kłosowska, Magdalena Malinowska, Tomasz Warkocki, Piotr Zientara.

Mentors: Carsten Zimmermann and Ramón Huidobro.

Last but not least the best Supervisor - Rafał Cieślak.

Thank you Code Quest for giving us a warm and comfortable environment and amazing coaching support. We have to acknowledge your company has a strong, smart and cool team. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. We wish you all the best and let coding stay your passion.

Thank you Team Joda for a chance to meet you (Dayana, you are the master of humor and positive energy). Hopefully we will meet again soon.

Thank you RGSoC for this wonderful and unique experience, love, support and a chance to take part in Euruko 2016 in Sofia & first Codemotion Conference in Warsaw. BTW you can watch our Euruko Lightning Talk here.

Team RubyCats signing off.

Live, learn, code!

RubyCat says: live, learn, code! Live, learn, code!
(Image Credit: Izabela Komorek @izuroxx)