Team Reactives at FOSSASIA!

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Hello again RGSoC Blog Readers!

Shwetha from Team Reactives here and I was excited to experience FOSSASIA at Singapore Science Centre!

At the Entrance

At the entrance - Source: Team Reactives

I was tempted to spend all day at the science centre’s famous VR gallery with a full fledged flight simulator where you’ll be able to flap and take off just like a bird but was glad I stopped by the Microsoft Mission to Mars workshop by James Lee where I got to learn how to build my very own conversationally intelligent personal chatbot using Microsoft LUIS AI.

VR Flight Simuator

Mars Mission

Source: Team Reactives

I later attended several talks on computer vision and machine learning, one that stood out to me was the talk on machine learning in medical imaging by 15 year old Gaeun Kim of Stanford Canary Center for Cancer Early Detection who presented on the MeVisLab software that can be used to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis. She also shared her journey from open source project contributor to working in a professional laboratory all while she’s still in highschool.

My favorite part of the conference was a workshop on building your own pokemon world on web-based virtual reality by Santosh Viswanatham. As a long-time pokemon fan and recent VR enthusiast, I was amazed to see how accesible developing for VR had become.