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The Learners

Saumya, an ECE undergrad from IIIT- Delhi and Katyayani, a CSE undergrad from IIIT- Delhi are the learners from Team Victorious Secret. They’ve been teammates since their first semester and have been friends for most of the bumpy ride that college can be. They are always up for a challenge and are truly grateful to RGSoC for giving them the opportunity to learn, work and code together.

Team Victorious Secret

Katyayani and Saumya

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Saumya

  • She loves reading the news on her phone as much as millennials (me :P) love texting. When she’s scrolling down on her phone, she’s not checking the idle newsfeed of an idle fellow human, but actually trying to understand the economic crisis in Greece.
  • She uses every minute of her rare free time to learn languages. French, Spanish, and even Esperanto, she’s tried her hand at all of them. She is currently learning Japanese.
  • She has an incessant love for mangoes which is often on full display every time she picks a flavour- be it for ice cream or birthday cake or milkshakes!
  • You probably don’t want to be riding a bicycle with Saumya on Delhi roads. That situation has two dangerous elements- Delhi roads and Saumya on a bike!
  • If you want someone to apply your eyeliner and Saumya is the only one around, just go without the eyeliner. Trust me on this!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Katyayani

  • Her Facebook feed is just a series of makeup tutorials, which she plans on trying one day. But till then, the makeup ninja continues to train diligently. I wonder if she has ever missed any Met Daan makeup tutorial.
  • Sometimes, she reads her horoscope. Need I say more? :p
  • She cannot function without GPS. She even needs someone to tell her the directions to a place that she is visiting the tenth time.
  • Scary movies don’t scare her. At all.
  • She listens to the most unheard-of music on the entire planet. Randomly plug her earphones, and you’ll be listening to some music in a language you don’t understand. She doesn’t either.

The Guides

We have 8 wonderfully helpful coaches who have happily agreed to help us in this journey. Tega Brain, a core contributor to p5.js, will help us navigate the massive codebase and give overall direction to our endeavours. Chaitanya Kumar and Sarthak Ahuja graduated from our college last year, and Divyanshu Talwar is our batchmate. We met Sachin Jani and Nitish Goel on Quora (yes, that happens :P), while we met Prabhanshu Attri and Dominic Ehrenberg on Twitter. Our coaches will play an instrumental role in our learning, helping us every step of the way. So, a big thank you to our brilliant coaches for volunteering to help us.

Our mentors- Lauren McCarthy and Cassie Tarakajian- have been very warm in welcoming us to the Processing Foundation. Cassie will be overseeing our efforts on the p5.js eb Editor codebase and we hope to learn a lot from the community.

Pilar Huidobro is our supervisor, and it helps a lot that she also did RGSoC in 2015. We hope to learn from her personal experiences and her journey.

We are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support system to see us through this journey. With their invaluable inputs, we hope to put our best foot forward.

The Project

This summer we will be working on the p5.js web editor, an active project of the Processing Foundation. The most important reason for choosing the Processing Foundation is the fact that we both identify with the core principles of the organization. Processing aims to make coding accessible for artists, designers, educators and beginners. We also believe that coding should not be limited to people pursuing degrees in Computer Science. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to code. The Processing Foundation is making noble efforts in that direction and we wish to further this cause by becoming active contributors to our chosen project.

Plans for RGSoC’17

  • Becoming proficient React developers.
  • Contributing to the faster release of the p5.js web editor.
  • Building a network of brilliant open source enthusiasts, who we can learn from and look up to.