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Hello, everyone!

We are the team RailsGyn and we are from Brazil. We had the privilege of being selected for the RailsGirls TeamsApp project.

It has been an amazing, incredible, wonderful experience! The people we work with are extremely helpful and careful. We love working with all of them!

About our team name: why RailsGyn? We are from a Brazilian city called Goiânia - or GYN. So, both our name and our logo is related to our city.


The connection of our logo with our city.(Logo: Juliana Dias)

Our Team - the students

Amanda Branquinho

  • I am a biologist, ecologist, and evolutionist.
  • I used to believe that software development was not for me (too hard!).
  • I started to study programming from scratch about one year and 8 months. Since then, I have already built one entire system, worked for a company and starting with big data studies.
  • Technology makes me believe that I am capable of anything.
  • I believe that being a programmer made me more concerned about the woman’s role in the society.
  • My dream is to become a digital nomad and work remotely from different places around the world!


Amanda (Photo: Juliana dias)

Juliana Dias

  • I am a transgender woman.
  • I love to take pictures.
  • I am a pseudo-writer.
  • I am a coffee and pizza addicted.
  • I love Open Source.
  • I helped promote an event of Rails developers into my current city - and I want promote Rails Girls here.
  • I prefer Telegram than What’s App (Of course I want to make this clear for the rest of the world)
  • My programming life started in the university when I learned some languages like C, Java and PHP. But I just started to work with as a developer in the last course year and since then I’m coding (more specifically with Ruby on Rails for last 3 years)


Juliana (Photo: Juliana dias)

The journey to find a partner

Since I (Amanda) started working in technology, I’ve become involved with women in tech groups. In a beautiful day, in a WhatsApp group related with woman who codes, some girl sent the RGSoC link. I loved the idea and I had all the pre-requirements except another girl to partner with me. Since then, I started a really long journey looking for a girl to apply with me. It was not easy, in fact, I did not know how hard it would be. I published in Facebook groups, I talked with college girls, I asked for help for the conference’s organizers. There was nobody. When I was almost giving up, Juliana answered a message from one of the Facebook groups I had posted. From then on we began to fill out our application form, with little hope since there were many girls competing. When we heard about our approval, we almost did not believe! Juliana already had some open source contributions, but for Amanda this is the first time.


Us: Juliana and Amanda (Photo: Kaio Magalhães)

Our project choice

Since the beginning, we loved the RGSoC idea and our wish was to contribute to it. It was not difficult to choose our first option for the project. We were already sure that RGSoC teams app was the one. We love the idea of inclusion that this amazing project promotes. It is really nice to see initiatives that care about women in tech. Participating in RGSoC contributing to RGSoC teams app makes us feel members of this team that cares so much about the inclusion of women in the open source world.

Our team - the coaches

Fortunately, we have people around us that are here to help no matter what. This support makes all the difference, and maybe this is one of the things that are missing for more women to start in technology: A friendly environment with supportive people!

Halisson Bruno

  • I am a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience and I still learn something new every day. And I love it!
  • I am passionate about writing code! Clean and expressive code. No matter if it’s backend or frontend, mobile or web, test or bugfix. Let me code!.
  • I have been working with a remote and distributed team for the last couple of years and learned how important communication is. Let’s talk!
  • I also love sports and games ( Games of sports included 🙂 ).


Halisson, one of our coaches (Photo: Amanda Branquinho)

Kaio Magalhães

  • I rock a great mustache
  • I know some good jokes
  • I do an awesome sandwich
  • I break dance fight
  • I’ve worked with a lot of projects in a lot of different languages like PHP, C#, Java, Javascript, Groovy, and Ruby. With a lot of frameworks like Grails, Rails, React and NodeJS. For a lot of platforms like Desktop, WEB, Android, and Hololens.
  • I love programming related topics like code quality, software engineer, best practices, design patterns and I write about it always that I have time to.


Kaio, another coach (Photo: Amanda Branquinho)

Marcelo Giovane

We also count on Juliana’s brother support. He is always really helpful and close. He has been working with ruby on rails for six years.

That is our team!


All the team together! (Photo: some guy that was passing by)

Our team - remote members

Last, but not least we will present our dear remote members - our two mentors Carsten and Max and our supervisor Ines.

Our mentors are always around and involved with our PR’s. Their suggestions always make our code better. It is really good to have help from them, with all their attention and care.

Ines is our dear, sweet, lovely supervisor :heart: She helps us with all the thing (not code related) and also she talks with us about random things and Game of Thrones.

Our team is the best! :heart:


Our dear remote team! (Photo: Github)

What do we want

We would love to use our experience as RGSoC students to organize a Rails Girls event here in our city. In this event, we will talk about our summer and we will help girls to start coding with ruby on rails.

We have already found a company to help us on this and we are really excited! We believe this will encourage more girls to participate in these initiatives.

We think this is necessary because where we live, it was really difficult to find a partner.

We want to show the girls that they can do it and we want to show them all support we had and make them interested in applying to RGSoC next year.

Follow us closely

We have twitter, facebook, medium blog… Feel free to follow us, add us on all social medias and everything. We love to get close to the community, let’s stay close!

That is our story! we are open to answering any question, just ping us on twitter and we can start talking!

Thank you all 🙂