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Hello, people!

A very Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians here :) We are Team Bundledore, and our project is AFDC League Management System

The last one and a half-month has been really hectic with all the learning, connecting and mentoring. We have truly never enjoyed an internship so much before.

We were sort of a ‘Wild-Card’ entry, our selection was confirmed in the middle of May. We were so excited(still are) as this was quite unexpected.

Why ‘Team Bundledore’ you ask ? We are die-hard Potterheads :) (Bundle+ Dumbledore).


Our Logo (created by Amrita Nair and Anagha R)

About us:


Alfie, Anagha, Amrita from left to right. (Photo credits: Alfie's phone)

We are both part of an extremely active FOSS Club at our college. That’s where we met. Didi(that’s the term we use to refer to our seniors) was a sophomore and I(Amrita) was a fresher. We started our journey there, everyday gathering at 4:30 PM, to help each other learn new technologies, one of them being Rails.

Anagha R


(photo credits: Anagha's phone)

Anagha describes herself as a melophile who is passionate about open source. A biology student at her High School and she got interested in FOSS during the start of her first semester of Computer Science Engineering. She joined the FOSS club at our university which helped her improve her technical and personal skills. She loves helping people (especially her juniors), and uses her free time to help them with their academic and non-academic issues.

Amrita Nair


(photo credits: Amrita's phone)

I am a voracious reader(I don’t even leave the cereal boxes unread) and an open source enthusiast. My primary interest is Web Dev and Rails is my favorite right from the time I started working with it. I have always been passionate about contributing to open source because the joy of collaborating with people from all over the globe and creating something for everyone to enjoy, is indescribable. Like others at our club, I help my juniors with Rails, getting them in touch with people in the industry who can guide them.

In my free time, I read some more and try clicking candid photos of my friends.

Introducing Team Bundledore’s superheroes:



(photo credits: Mukesh Unnikrishnan)

Mukesh is our super cool coach who also doubles as our counsellor. He is always there to guide us with technical details and also when we feel low. Kudos to him ! PS: One of his most popular sayings: “If you aren’t getting any errors, you are doing it wrong ;)”



(photo credits: Alfred Dominic)

Alfie is our no-nonsense coach. Always to the point and on-time.Not the kind to lead us by our hand and tell us the solution! The Git master, he has pulled us out of many Version Control screw-ups. Thanks a lot Alfie :)



(photo credits: Pete Holiday)

Our awesome awesome mentor.What astonishes us is that he almost always knows the solution to the error. Docker was our nemesis the last month(it’s all okay now) and Pete always came to our rescue. Cheers Pete !



(photo credits: Rafal Cieślak)

Our Supervisor, always punctual on Supervisor calls and one of the first to answer any of the RGSoC interns queries on Slack. Always online and ready to help. We are glad to have you on our team :)

Go Team Bundledore <3

What’s in store after RGSoC ?

We have a three pronged plan on what we can do. Ideas are always welcome.

  • Encourage our juniors and any one we can to contribute to open source. We currently lead a group of very excited girls who plan on making it big in the open source world.
  • Contribute and give back to the community. We would not be here if not for the support of the members of the Kerala Ruby Users Group. We’d like to help and foster open source culture among the women here because even now, there are very few of them.
  • Lastly, host a Rails Girls Workshop, here in Kollam ! It’s inline with our future plans and we have started preping up :)

You can find us on :

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