“Final Blog- Team Victorious Secret”

Posted on by Katyayani Singh and Saumya Balodi

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Team Victorious Secret

Picture Credits: Saumya

We just can’t believe that RGSoC is coming to an end. But every end, marks a new beginning. And we hope we will take our experiences forward by contributing to the wonderful communities that we were introduced to during our journey.

Challenges we faced

  • We were absolutely unfamiliar with ReactJS, and it has quite a bit of a learning curve. We struggled with React as well as the intricacies of JavaScript.
  • Managing RGSoC with college was a difficult task. Even though we took easy courses, the deadlines never seemed to end.


RGSoC was mostly about unlearning what we knew, and building a new foundation for all the knowledge that came our way.

  • We finally started understanding how JavaScript actually works. It is one thing to be able to put together code to make something work, and it is another thing altogether to actually know exactly why it works.
  • We were introduced to React. This was the most exciting bit of our summer. Working with something as popular and novel as React was an extraordinary experience.
  • We realized how designers and developers collaborate to build seamless user experiences. Working with the p5.js web editor made us aware of how much work goes into designing the user flow of an application even before the developers start coding. A lot of thinking and rethinking goes into user interactions and the response of the application. A shout out to the brilliant designers and developers of the web editor! Working with you, and learning from your work was truly amazing.
  • A tiny push in times of need can go a long way. Our mentor Cassie and our supervisor Pilar, have been our pillars of strength and support in this entire journey. It is thanks to their help, that we were able to pull through testing times.
  • Pair programming is tonnes of fun, and even more so when you do it with your best friend!
  • Tips and tricks about Git and Github.

Cassieeeeee!!!! <3 <3 <3

Cassie was our mentor, but she often donned the hat of a coach as well, personally reviewing our work and guiding us throughout. She helped us with problem solving approaches, React implementations and JavaScript issues. Every time we got stuck, she was there, like our Pole Star, directing us forward. Weekly meetings with her, were an absolute joy, giving us much needed energy and optimism to tackle the challenges of the week. Cassie sifted through the plethora of issues on the web editor repo and singled out beginner friendly ones so we could smoothly transition into React development. She also provided us with several resources and tutorials to polish our technical skills.

Pilaaaaar!!!! <3 <3 <3

Pilar was our watchful supervisor, always motivating us to surge ahead, in spite of all obstacles. She was constantly available to talk and always made time for us, whenever we needed. Her experience as a former RGSoCer was invaluable and her insights of working in the tech industry were enlightening. Being from Chile, she could sympathise with us when we mentioned the lack of awareness about workplace burnout in India. She told us that the work culture was similar in Chile. Pilar even got us extra help for React on the helpdesk, because our coaches were unable to devote adequate time.

What next?

  • Continue contributing to the web editor because it is a really cool project.
  • Cassie and Pilar were the two wonderful ladies who helped us sail our boat in RGSoC. We hope to extend their kindness to other young women foraying into tech by assuming roles of mentorship and guidance.
  • Learn, learn, learn.
  • We also look forward to sharing our insights and learning with other members of the tech community.