RGSoC 2018's Crowdfunding Campaign is Now Open

Posted on by Ana Sofia Pinho

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RGSoC 2018's Crowdfunding Campaign is now Open! from Rails Girls Summer of Code on Vimeo.

One, two, three, four, five and onto the sixth edition of RGSoC! It seems like it was yesterday when a cool bunch of people in Berlin decided to get together and launch the first edition of our summer of code.

Since then and in #5YearsOfRGSoC with your help we have:

  • Trained 185 participants — that’s 68 sponsored teams and 28 volunteering teams
  • Reached people from 55 locations out of 29 countries
  • Contributed to 67 Open Source Projects
  • Raised over 500.000 USD with the help of 115 sponsors and hundreds of individual donors
  • Participated in 63 conferences
  • Received a Ruby Hero Award

We couldn’t be happier about what we have accomplished together and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who has been part of our collective journey — yes, you too!

The best part of RGSoC… Is you!

#ThankfulForRGSoC (gif by Ana Sofia Pinho)

RGSoC moments that we are thankful for (gif by Ana Sofia Pinho)

We’re happiest when a former participant sends us an email saying they got their dream job as a software developer. Or when one of our participants creates their own Open Source project. Or when someone decided to face their imposter syndrome and tried programming for the first time. Or when we inspire people to be Diversity and Inclusion advocates. Or when we have the incredible opportunity to meet in person the mentor with whom we’ve been talking over video calls during the summer.

These are the things, big and tiny, that make everything magical and fulfilling. The things that make us feel even more #ThankfulForRGSoC.

When we started RGSoC all those years ago, all we wanted to do was to give something to the OSS and tech communities, and still we ended up receiving way more. We know you can relate to this, right? :)

Let’s make RGSoC 2018 happen!

Sponsor RGSoC 2018's Teams ans share with us why you are #ThankfulForRGSoC (gif by Ana Sofia Pinho)

Sponsor RGSoC 2018's Teams ans share with us why you are #ThankfulForRGSoC (gif by Ana Sofia Pinho)

We’re here to stay and to keep creating real change, by welcoming and training women and non-binary individuals to code and advocate for a diverse and inclusive Open Source community.

Please, join us once again and let’s keep diversifying tech together!

Help us fund RGSoC 2018 and share with us why you are #ThankfulForRGSoC! We would love to hear your story!