Team GirlsCode MK - The 4 Ps of GirlsCode MK

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The 4 Ps of GirlsCode MK

1. The People


Team GirlsCode MK: Eva and Georgina (Photo taken by Eva)


My dad is an electrical engineer who loves gadgets and was always buying new technologies that we got to play with at home. I have been using technology for a long time and have a lifelong love of all the great innovations in my lifetime. I am an IT Trainer, qualified teacher, which evolved into developing in visual basic to create solutions for document production. I studied for my degree with the Open University and achieved my BSC (Hons) in IT and Computing to complement my MCSE and other technical qualifications whilst raising my family.

With a young family the demands of teaching were not flexible so I started my own business, training and working short term contracts for a variety of companies, and developing software. I joined Girls Code MK to gain new skills in a friendly supportive environment where we share tips on coding, this is where I met Eva.


I have had a lot of hobbies and like to experience lots of things at least once. I now love badminton which I am part of a milton keynes club, watching films except horror, reading self development books, socialising and networking and of course solving problems with tech.

Favourite dish?

I love cooking but favourite is most chinese stir fries.

Morning person or night owl?

I can be both but not at the same time! If I am inspired or socialising I can stay awake much too late!

Which country is at the top of your must-see countries?

I would love to see all the ancient wonders of the world.

Favourite programming language?

I don’t think I have a favourite, but easiest to start again is Javascript.

Favourite productivity hack?

I like to make the most of my time so my favourite to avoid overload is GOOP. Standing for Goal - what is one goal to focus on, Outcome - what does it look like, Obstacles - what obstacles can stand in the way of your goal and Plan - what plan do you have for overcoming those Obstacles.


Originally from Slovenia, Eva moved to Milton Keynes after living in China for a number of years. After working as a teacher, translator, podcast host, project manager and ecommerce manager (not all at the same time!), she has recently found her calling in programming. Since September 2017, Eva has been dedicating most of her waking hours to learning how to program and inspiring other women to do so as well. She founded and hosts GirlsCode MK, beginner friendly meetups and workshops where women of any age, background and skill can come and learn how to code in a welcoming environment.

Eva and Georgina met at a GirlsCode MK meetup.


Indoor climbing, singing in a choir, playing table tennis, juggling, watching basketball (NBA!) and spending time outside with my dog.

Favourite dish?


Morning person or night owl?

Morning person. I go to bed at 10pm (at the latest!).

Which country is at the top of your must-see countries?

Costa Rica.

Favourite programming language?


Favourite productivity hack?

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Also coffee. Lots of coffee.


GirlsCode MK meetups (Photo taken by Eva)

Coaches and supervisors

On our exciting coding journey, we’ll be joined by a team of enthusiastic, supportive and hopefully (extremely) patient people!


Rob, Neil, Kalan and PJ

Bahmni mentors:

Ivo and Wolf

RGSoC supervisor


2. The Place


Bletchley Park Mansion - the headquarters for British codebreakers during World War II. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Our office space couldn’t have been more inspiring! We are based at the heart of Bletchley Park home of the codebreakers.

For one of her earlier projects, Georgina built a tribute page for women codebreakers in Bletchley Park (Codepen link)

3. The Project


Bahmni (Source:

The project will be working on during the summer is Bahmni, a low-resource hospital management tool based on OpenMRS - an open source, medical record system. Bahmni was started in 2012 and is currently being used in 29 countries around the world! It’s a live and working app with a huge code base and while it will definitely be challenging, we’re very excited at the opportunity of making Bahmi better and even more effective.

4. The Plan

Our primary task is to add a person module to Bahmni. Currently it’s only possible to register people as patients in Bahmni, but we would like to add the functionality of adding persons - for example to register people for pre-screening appointments. Technologies used: React.js, Node.js, RESTful APIs, PWA

You can follow our journey here: