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Starting a new adventure with RgSoC and Living Style Guide from coding newbies to professional front-end developers in 11 months.

Starting the summer

Preparing ourselves before the summer begins (image by Diana Vilé)

Better Together

November 2017, we started as complete coding newbies, with as little coding knowledge as HTML can be. JavaScript, the word alone, felt like a entire new universe. We can’t even believe how much we have learned in the past 8 months! Coming from a non technical background and being able to code in so little time has been quite a journey. Yet, it made us realize we have definitely unknown abilities and a real passion for programming.

We started with a selected group of 20.000 out of 200.000 applications in Europe, Africa and Middle East region. Earning a full Google Scholarship for Front End Web Developer at Udacity was the fruit of this three months of dedication, hard work, discipline, cooperation with peers coders and taking actively part in a huge social community, in order to stand out and win our spot in the top 2.000 students (out of 20.000). We are now about to finish the last part: React.

RgSoC Coaches & Supervisor

During the Google Scholarship, we met several times in real life and decided to apply for RgSoc to be able to keep practicing our coding skills in summer. As we were new in the dev community, we reached out to our Udacity community managers who introduced us to Amanda Cavallaro. She helped us find our first two current RgSoc-coaches:

Coach 1: Tobias (React developer) Tobias is a React developer and mentor who believes in helping juniors grow. He is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Coach 2: Tetiana (Ruby developer) Tetiana is a Ruby in Rails expert and team leader (she has always wanted to be part of RGSoC!). She is based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Skyping with Tobias and Tetiana, gave us the confidence they would have our backs! They not only seem very nice and accessible, but moreover have the attitude and experience needed to guide us through the summer.

Coach 3: Cristina (full stack developer) The third RgSoc-coach to join, we met during a recently peer lab, that Violeta organized for Woman Who Code. We really liked her spirits and clarity so just a week before starting the SoC we invited her to be part of it. She is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Coach 4: Bright (React mobile developer) Bright was introduced to us by Sujin from Team Sunshine when we needed help solving our project’s issues. He is very experienced with JavaScript and will be helping us during the summer too! He is based in Berlin, Germany.

*Coach 5: Tetiana is a Ruby developer and we needed some extra hands on JavaScript, so she introduced as to Bogdan! He is a JavaScript developer based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He will be helping us close the issues before the summer ends.

We consider ourselves very lucky! As not only do we have gathered a great team of mentors, but also an interesting supervisor Lucas Pinto who has even organized Ruby conferences!

Living Style Guide

The Open Source project we have been selected for is Living Style Guide, which helps developers to create front-end style guides easily with SaSS and Markdown. The project has been created by Nico Hagenburger (Designer and programmer) with the help of Jen Geacone-Cruz (Content director). Right now it needs to be rewritten to and tested in Vanilla Javascript, which will be our main tasks, beside improving the documentation.

Summer and future Goals

We are looking forward to connect with the RgSoc-community, make our first ever contribution to open source (yay!!), hone our skills and learn many more. We are here to prove ourselves that we can do this! And hope to be ready to find a tech job when the summer is over. Our summer will be successful, if we achieve the following:

July: plan, learn as much as we can, start contributing to Living Style Guide, connect with the RgSoc-community August: keep working hard and make the best out of the summer! September: finish as much as we can of the Javascript version & test of Living Style Guide October: finish the last issues for LivingStyleGuide, PIMD project and hopefully start a new tech job as jr. front end web developers in Barcelona.

DV Team (Violeta & Diana)- Barcelona

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For a great summer!

Better together

Pair programming day (image by Violeta)