Wrapping Up RGSoC 2018

Posted on by Ana Sofia Pinho

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Let's celebrate RGSoC 2018 all over the world!

Let's celebrate RGSoC 2018 all over the world! (image by Ana Sofia Pinho)

It’s September 19th and we are less than two weeks away for RGSoC to be over — this is probably the countdown we are least fond of. However, as we approach September 30th, we realize how many good things came up from the summer like the community support and the amazing growth of our students. We couldn’t be more proud of them! And we also couldn’t be more thankful of everyone’s dedication to our students and RGSoC.

So let’s celebrate all of this! Let’s celebrate us getting together and making tech and OSS more inclusive for everyone! Let’s celebrate making dreams come true! Wherever we are, let’s organize an event — it can be big or small — and invite our friends. We created a list on this repo, so that you can add your even info or check for information about any events in your location.

Another important thing: let’s keep in touch! When you publish your posts on social media about the events or even messages that you want to share about the summer of code, please add the hashtag #RGSoC so that we can all see it.

Berlin Event at ThoughtWorks

Who is welcome?: everyone is welcome! Supporters, sponsors, past and current participants, mentors, coaches!
What: An evening with food, soft drinks, and time to chat.
When: Saturday, 29th of September 2018, 6–9pm CEST.
Where: Thoughtworks Berlin (Zimmerstr. 23, near Checkpoint Charlie). The venue is wheelchair-accessible.
Drinks/Food: This will be a no-alcohol event, there will be vegetarian food and several non-alcoholic drinks. Please let us know about any food allergies or dietary restrictions in advance, so we can cater to you.


If you’d like to attend, please RSVP here by Wednesday, September 26th with a comment (and let us know if you are bringing a +1 +2 +3…). If you don’t have a GitHub account, or don’t feel comfortable sharing this information publicly, you can RSVP by email: laura@travis-ci.org.

Code of Conduct

This event is organized under the Berlin Code of Conduct, please read it carefully and only attend if you agree and abide by this. We will enforce the CoC.