Our little infinity - RGSoC 2018!

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Little Infinity

Dear RGSoC,
You gave us forever within the numbered days, and we are grateful ❤️

The two of us :D

Team $we init (Picture taken by Rahmeen's phone)

And time the tyrant in whose reign nothing does last,
Much like the deepest bliss and the rarest fix,
This tempestuous timelessness too did pass.

We didn’t realise until we started writing this blog that it has been 11 weeks!
11 weeks of contributing to Probot,
11 weeks of reflecting over every day’s work in daily logs,
11 weeks of learning to write production code,
11 weeks of bonding to a community we’ll never let go,
11 weeks of living our long cherished dream ❤️

About our work with Probot

  • Our main task was to develop bots to automate github workflow using Probot. We developed the following 2 bots!

And we learned…

Working with the Probot Framework

Probot is a framework for building GitHub Apps in Node.js. It aims to eliminate all the drudgery–like receiving and validating webhooks, and doing authentication handstands–so you can focus on the features you want to build.

Working with JSDoc

JSDoc 3 is an API documentation generator for JavaScript. One can add documentation comments directly to their source code, right alongside the code itself.. Here is the link to the official docs. This gave us an insight into writing effective comments and we were highly appreciated by our mentors for the code readability.

Writing tests using jest

Effective testing is the key to a successful project. Jest is an effective library for testing JavaScript and hence was our natural choice. Here is the link to the official docs. To find out about how we implemented jest in our code, refer this.

Working with Eslint and Prettier

ESLint is a tool for identifying and reporting on patterns found in JavaScript code, with the goal of making code more consistent and avoiding bugs. Here is the link to the official docs. Prettier enforces a consistent code style across your entire codebase, therby enhancing code readibilty. Here is the link to the official docs.

Quantification in numbers

  • We created 2 repositories in Probot’s beautiful codebase!
  • We made over 50 commits in the two repositories
  • We wrote approximately 2000 lines of code
  • Both of our bots are installed on their repositories themselves.

What’s next?

Probot’s going to stay with us, forever and a day. We have ideated on future scope of both of our bots (can be found in their respective readmes) and will continue working on improving them. We’re already working on boosting the open source culture in our local community and atleast a dozen juniors and batchmates have already approached us, expressing interest for open source in general and RGSoC in particular. We were impacted by our seniors RGSoC 2017 scholars Prachi and Ipshita ❤️ and we hope to continue to pass it on so that the legacy continues! :D

Have Questions?

We’re more than happy to help. Feel free to reach out!







A big thank you to Ana, Vaishali, Gregor, Divjot, Saksham, Prachi, Ipshita, Manish, Saptak and Manan for making our dream translate to reality. You’re all awesome <3 Thank you RGSOC for touching our lives making magic happen ❤️