How you can submit your open source project — and what is different this year

Posted on by RGSoC Team

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This year most of our efforts will go towards our rebranding, but we are still committed to connecting awesome projects and underrepresented people in tech. For this reason, we’re opening submissions for open source projects! After reviewing them as we’ve done in the last years, we’ll publish a list with the accepted open source projects which we think are a good fit for underrepresented people from our community. While we cannot offer organisational or financial support this year, we hope that leveraging our network can help some motivated open source contributors find their match in the form of an inclusive and supportive project.

What will this look like?

Our project submission form is just like the form from the past years; once the deadline has passed (April 22nd, 23:59 UTC), we’ll review all project submissions and “accept” the ones that seem fit for our community. This list will be officially published and shared at the end of April. Interested contributors from underrepresented groups can get in touch with maintainers by using the contact information provided or using the commenting feature. We’re also making our community message board available to community members to find a team or a coaching company to support them.

Submit your project

Are you a project maintainer with some time to support open source newcomers? That’s awesome! You can find more information in our project mentor guide. If that seems like something you’d like to do this year, you can submit your project as follows:

  • Sign up for the Teams App (you will need to authenticate with GitHub)
  • Click on “Submit your project” under “Summer of Code” in the navigation bar
  • Enter the name and information of the primary mentor
  • Add the project’s name, website, repo and a description
  • To make sure prospective participants can get in touch with you, please add your preferred contact information (e.g. an email address) to the project’s description
  • Add features, tasks and requirements
  • Add keywords, the name of your license, and a link to your Code of Conduct
  • Flag your project as “suitable for beginners” if necessary
  • Click Submit!

We can’t wait to share some of our favourite projects from the last few years and get to know new ones. We’re looking forward to your application — and if you’re not a maintainer, but can think of a project you’d like to see on our list, ping them to apply or help us spread the word!