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Project Season Open

Are you working on an Open Source project you think would be perfect for a coding near-beginner to work on? What luck! RGSoC is accepting project submissions for the 2020 season starting from 06 January 2020 😄

Simply apply in the Teams App before 9am, Monday 10 February 2020 CET.

Get familiar with the basics

What makes a really good RGSoC project? Full details are available on our mentors page, which we recommend you read before applying.

There are some basic requirements. Keep in mind every project needs:

  • a mentor, the dedicated contact person for the team throughout the program
  • coaches (min 2, max 4) who offer students all-important day-to-day support
  • to be beginner-/junior-friendly
  • at least one open-source license
  • to abide by the RGSoC Code of Conduct

One thing you don’t need to worry about is using Rails. Despite the name, Rails Girls Summer of Code is programming language agnostic. Former projects have used Python, Rust, and Javascript, to name a few.

What next?

After the deadline (9am, Monday 10 February 2020 CET, remember), our team will look through all the submissions and announce successful projects in early February. While not every project will be chosen for the program, we value every entry. The sheer variety of projects makes RGSoC such a rich and rewarding experience.

Selected projects should shout about it on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a superb way to connect with students and get some love for your project.

In March and April, potential student contributors will have the chance to apply for the program and choose the project(s) they wish to work on. They may contact you (or whoever is the project mentor) for more details to make sure it’s the right project for them.

Using the Teams App

Sure, you know your way around a computer. Even so, we want to make it easy for you to apply with this step-by-step guide on how to add projects to the Teams App. Did we mention the deadline for submissions is 9am, Monday 10 February 2020 CET?

  • Sign up for the Teams App
  • Authenticate with GitHub (you’ll need an account)
  • Click on “Submit your project” under “Summer of Code” in the navigation bar
  • The submitter (you) is entered as the primary mentor by default. If that isn’t the case, enter the correct name, email address and GitHub handle
  • Add the project name, website, repo, and description, including:
    • what the project is about
    • what stage it’s currently at
    • a few words about the team behind it
  • If your project has additional coaches to help the students during the program, add their information in the description
  • Add features and tasks: outline how you imagine the students to contribute, features you’re planning to work on, issues that need help
  • Add requirements: describe skills and experience students should bring to work on the project, e.g.
    • Provide a small example or coding challenge for students to solve upfront
    • Add links to online courses or katas students should be confident with
    • Frame possible features students could work on
    • Or just ask the students to contact you for more information about requirements
  • Add keywords: this can be a language like “Python” or a framework like “React”, but also specific technologies or concepts
  • Add the name of your license in the “license” field
  • You can flag your project as “suitable for beginners” by using the available checkbox
  • Click Submit

Well done! You’ve taken the first step to becoming an RGSoC legend.

You can also see a walkthrough of this process on our Help page

Still got questions?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website feel free to email us on

We can’t wait to see what you’re working on. And if you know of a great project someone else is doing, point the maintainer in this direction and get the magic started.