Crowdfunding for 2020 scholarships has commenced

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There is already so much buzz around the program this year. With student teams coming together, coaches signing up to help, and mentors submitting projects it gets more exciting by the day.

Now our focus turns to the scholarships, and we need your help.

Your chance to make a difference

Ten teams. That’s our aim. Provide ten teams - that’s 20 students - a chance to work on open source projects this year. But the cold reality is this requires funding.

By donating, you contribute to the scholarships that enable someone from an underrepresented group to get started in open source. Just take a look at what we’ve achieved so far since 2013:

RGSoC Stats 2013-18

Thanks to our early bird sponsors, we’re well on our way again in 2020. But we can do better. Aim high, but dream BIG. Let’s shatter even our own expectations and see how many teams we can fund this year.


Visit our donation page and pledge whatever you can. Large or small amounts, it’s all important. It all helps bring diversity to tech and it all plays a part in training the women and non-binary individuals who are passionate about coding.

Over the next few months we’ll be sharing some personal stories in a new series of Alumni Interviews. These first-hand accounts are in former students’ own words and shine a light on how big an impact our humble program makes 😊

We also want to hear your reasons for supporting RGSoC 2020. Use the hashtag #donatebecause and you could be the reason someone joins our incredible community.

Thank you

We can’t say it enough. For what you make possible, thank you.